European Biomass Conference and Exhibition 2013



Where? Copenhagen, Denmark: Bella Center Congress Centre 

When? 03-07 June 2013 

Why? An annual meeting focusing on scientific research, resource assessment, market and policy developments, manufacturing and installation, drawing on leading experiences from all over the world and benefiting from its 2013 edition from a record of more than 900 abstracts received from more than 60 countries, more than 240 plenary and oral presentations, more than 460 visual presentation, 55 exhibitors already confirmed and 2,000 attendees including representatives of over 1000 organisations expected. 

Who? A conglomerate of researchers, engineers, technologists, stakeholders from standard and scientific organizations and renewable energy groups, global investors, financing institutions, European and international policy and decision makers, international delegations.

21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition represents one of the key events in Europe and worldwide for companies and professionals operating at the top end of the biomass and bioenergy sector. This year the event will be hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark, a clearly ideal location for the 21 st edition of this world-class event. Denmark is, in fact, globally acknowledged as a hub for cleantech companies and as an example of sustainable development in renewables; it features leading companies and research organizations in large-scale applications of biomass such as co-firing, as well as in small-scale applications such as co-generation, biomass for heating, biogas and algae, and it also houses important world players in the development of 2nd generation biofuels.

The City of Copenhagen has set the goal to be CO2-neutral in 2025 - as the first capital in the world. In light of this, the Conference, by bringing the latest science to a wider audience, will help to keep up the momentum in reducing CO2 emissions, both in terms of the technological development and the political goals. In a future low carbon economy bioenergy can play a significant role and can contribute substantially to the global energy supply. 

What can journalists expect? The event will have something for every journalist: whether you are an energy newcomer or specialist, following global policy-making trends or focussing on basic research or the manufacturing industry. More than 240 plenary and oral presentations, more than 460 visual presentations, numerous parallel events offering a deep insight into specific issues and current hot topics, a dynamic and stimulating industry exhibition and many social gatherings will be open to you during this annual meeting point for the international biomass community.

In addition to the Press Conference, scheduled for Monday 03 June 2013, a tailored press programme will be organized for your benefit and a dedicated press-only media center will be provided in order for you to be able to write, make interviews, collect new product releases and review material.

A taste of issues at stake Mondays’ scientific wastopening session will feature three visionary keynote speeches which will demonstrate the versatility of biomass as multi-purpose resource for energy and the emerging bioeconomy.

The first speech by Benny Mai, INBICON, will introduce the concept of integrated utilization of residual and waste biomass for biofuels and other co-products. Dario Giordano, CHEMTEX, will introduce the latest advancements of PROESA, a proven technology for 2nd generation biorefineries which turn inedible ligno-cellulosic biomass into high-quality, low-cost, fermentable C5 and C6 sugars, that can then be used for the cost-competitive production of bio-based chemicals. Finally Michael Taylor, International Renewable Energy Agency, will talk about the cost-competitiveness of biomass for power generation compared to other more popular renewable sources such as solar and wind.

The political opening session will feature introductory speeches by the Conference General Chairman Anders Eldrup, former president of DONG Energy and now chairman of the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, the Danish Minister of Climate Energy and Building Martin Lidegaard, the Director of the Institute for Energy and Transport JRC EC Giovanni De Santi and representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture of China. As every year the conference programme will touch on all the different subjects of the biomass sector along the week. A growing number of speeches and visual presentations will be focused on how to assess and ensure sustainability along biomass value chains, by means of certification, standardization and enacting correct policies. This year a special session on sustainability with an interactive debate will be organized.

Further information

Background of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

For over 30 years now, the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (European BC&E) has combined a very renowned international Scientific Conference with an Industry Exhibition. The European BC&E is held at different venues throughout Europe and ranks on top of the world’s leading events in the Biomass sector. 

It provides an high-level scientific programme and parallel events which attract participants from a wide ranging background: Researchers, engineers, technologists, standards organisations, financing institutions and policy and decision makers.

Such a global exchange platform of current knowledge in turn attracts industrial exhibitors, making the conference events a significant tool for technology transfer and innovation.

This event is supported by European and international organizations such as the European Commission, UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Natural Sciences Sector,  The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DEA Danish Energy Agency,  WCRE - the World Council for Renewable Energy, EUBIA - the European Biomass Industry Association,  Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, Danish Bioenergy Industries Association, INBIOM Innovation Network Biomass, City of Copenhagen  and other organisations.

The Technical Programme is coordinated by the European Commission, Joint Research Centre.

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