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In the palm of Singapore's hand - advancing the sustainable palm oil agenda
As an economic powerhouse in Asia committed to sustainable development, Singapore occupies a central position in the global palm oil sector and therefore plays a decisive role in the transition …
Nature-based solutions in carbon offsetting
After a decade-long slumber, carbon offsetting is once again entering the mainstream. Driven by net-zero pledges from corporates, government commitments, and consumer demand, green projects that remove or avoid the …
SIWW 2018 Blue Paper: What will drive the next era of water management?
Countries will be confronted with an increasingly complex challenge over the next 15 years. Major risks such as poorly managed urbanisation, climate change, and unequal rather than inclusive growth in …
Mars: Sustainable in a Generation Asia Pacific Dialogue
On November 22nd, Mars Wrigley unveiled its Sustainable in a Generation plan for Asia Pacific that will accelerate its efforts in traceable palm oil sourcing, training for cocoa farmers, and …
CDP Hong Kong and South East Asia Report 2017
This report focuses on environmental disclosure by companies based or listed in Hong Kong and South East Asia. Every year, CDP requests the world's largest companies, by market capitalisation and …
Landscape fires in Indonesia

Policy & Finance

Landscape fires in Indonesia

Large-scale, human-induced landscape fires in Indonesia have been making headlines since the early 1980s. The impact of these fires is noticeable at the domestic, regional and global spheres in the …
Aceh and the archipelago economy: Protecting forests for water, energy and food security
A series of studies were undertaken in Aceh to explore some the challenges facing the province, as they work towards meeting the goals of the medium-term development plan (RPJMN) without …
Turning collective commitment into action: Consumer Goods Forum progress towards zero deforestation
In 2010, acting on behalf of its more than 400 member companies worldwide, the board of the Consumer Goods Forum agreed a resolution on deforestation with the aim of achieving …
Small businesses in Asia can help forests and economies grow
Analysing the policy and entrepreneurial context in three landscapes across Asia, the report highlights how supporting innovative small-scale green businesses could help reverse the current trend where business incentives for …
Go haze-free for Singapore

Carbon & Climate

Go haze-free for Singapore

The annual haze that chokes Southeast Asia has often been blamed on palm oil. Yet, companies in Singapore continue to use palm oil to produce a wide range of products …
Achieving zero (net) deforestation commitments
The report entitled "Achieving Zero (Net) Deforestation Commitments: What it means and how to get there" charts how to realise corporate 'Zero Deforestation Pledges' and widen global support for them.
Natural capital risk exposure of the financial sector in Brazil: Full report
Brazil's financial sector is dependent on natural capital to support economic growth and ensure future returns for investors. Nature's assets are abundant in Brazil, from its farmland, forests and energy …
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