Nature-based solutions in carbon offsetting

Nature-based solutions in carbon offsetting

After a decade-long slumber, carbon offsetting is once again entering the mainstream. Driven by net-zero pledges from corporates, government commitments, and consumer demand, green projects that remove or avoid the emission of carbon into the atmosphere are seeing increased demand.

Today, the market is opaque, with little clear information about pricing, quality, projects, buyers, and auditors. Moreover, projects are spread across multiple registries and verified under different standards, making it difficult to consolidate the data and have a clear snapshot of the market. We at AlliedCrowds created AlliedOffsets to address some of these gaps in the market.

This is the first in a series of reports on carbon offsetting projects around the world; the reports are data-driven and aim to provide an overview of the environmental issues at hand, as well as how carbon offsetting fits into the current suite of solutions and mitigating efforts.

In this report, we look at forestry projects in Southeast Asia — a region that is seeing explosive economic and population growth, coupled with high levels of deforestation.

If you have questions about the information in this report, or would like to learn more about AlliedOffsets, please reach out to

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