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Public-private partnerships for social good
There is a growing trend in Asia of governments and the private sector coming together to address social needs, and CAPS' latest study spotlights these "public-private partnerships for social good." …
The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2019
Measuring Sustainable Competitiveness: The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index (GSCI) is based on quantitative indicators grouped in 5 pillars that define the competitiveness of a nation: natural capital, resource intensity, social …
Asian Consumers need more affordable access to healthy and sustainable living
Unsustainable lifestyles in Asia are a concern for everyone; it counts 20 of the most polluted cities in the world, of which 13 are in India. Yet, air pollution wasn't …
Industry Innovation in the Year of Climate Action - Eco Action Day Roundtable
As Asia pursues industrial growth, the world's fastest growing region is struggling to balance development with sustainable resource use, and ensuring that prosperity is fairly shared. This report examines the …
State of the World's Birds 2018—taking the pulse of the planet
With the tagline "Taking the Pulse of the Planet", State of the World's Birds is a major global assessment that uses bird species to measure the health of our ecosystems …
Circular Economy Industry Roundtable: Towards a Circular Singapore
It is more critical than ever to push the boundaries of innovation and forge a new path towards a more sustainable future, and the circular economy is one idea that …
No room for passengers: are auto manufacturers reducing emissions quickly enough?
In this report, we launch our new Super-League Table (SLT) for the global automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
CDP Asia ex-Japan Climate Change Report 2013 - Facing the Challenges of an Uncertain Future
This report analyzes the 2013 responses from the Asia ex-Japan 400 sample. The Asia ex-Japan 400 sample consists of the 100 largest companies by market capitalization in China, 100 largest …
Peak Water: Risks embedded in Japanese supply chains
Many companies in the Nikkei 225 are likely to be exposed to water-related financial risk through their supply chains. Understanding which suppliers are most exposed to water shortages and floods …
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