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Financial help for irreversible climate damage was a key sticking point at the latest UN climate talks, with anger from developing nations growing.
Nickel facility Kolaka, Sulawesi, Indonesia
With Chinese companies having invested heavily in Indonesian nickel, greening the sector is vitally important.
India produced an estimated 107.9 million tonnes of wheat between 2020 and 2021, second only to China with 134.3 million tonnes.
Great Knot_Philippines
Numbers of endangered migratory shorebirds are growing at Bako-Buntal Bay, in Malaysian Borneo. But scientists warn the trend could reflect problems elsewhere on the critical East Asian flyway.
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Oil field in Brunei
Making the wrong choices in avoiding Russian fossil fuels could lock in a troubling future.
Floating solar panels on Srinakarin lake, Thailand.
Clean energy alternatives are a crucial hedge against future disruptions in global commodity markets.
Space junk
23,000 pieces of ‘space junk’ float in orbit, and almost as many ideas for how to get rid of them are being floated on Earth.
cattle farm
In the context of climate change, initiatives towards reducing methane emissions have often been side-lined, so why is it that methane is now taking the centre stage?

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Cheap oil is a trap

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