The impact of climate change and the future development of aquaculture

The impact of climate change and the future development of aquaculture

With climate change affecting our future in food supplies and resources, this has an impact globally and especially so for countries like Singapore with limitation to natural resources and scarcity of land space.

How can we move towards the future of agriculture and aquaculture?

Technology combined with innovative farming techniques and its systems to enhance output and productivity, taking Singapore to the global stage.

Why must we act now?

It is a climate crisis that we are all facing. Food supplies and resources will be affected if we do not act now against climate change.

What can we do to achieve food security?

Tapping on our next generation of talent to create a more resilient and sustainable food system with the support of Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) and its investors. We have the solutions to our agriculture and aquaculture technology and the ability to move towards the next level of transformation.

Through this initiative, we can reduce our carbon footprint and achieve our “30 by 30” sustainability goal.

Who are our industry players and panellists?

Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) together with experts from the agriculture and aquaculture industries.

On December 10, International Association for Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS) presents “The Impact of Climate Change and the Future Development of Aquaculture”. Listen to industry, government, academic and research experts discussing and answering the above questions.

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