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Tubewell owners control the lives of millions of marginal farmers in Bangladesh’s northwestern districts. This months-long investigation reveals the devastating impacts on people across the Barind Tract.
Could growing more traditional and indigenous crops help Nepal boost food sustainability as climate change worsens?
Treatment plants are either non-existent or inefficient and underused, meaning Bangladesh’s garment industry continues to discharge highly polluting wastewater.
Experts call for stronger land use planning as extent of Indonesian forest lost is revealed.
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Vanuatu 2015 typhoon
Indigenous knowledge has helped guide Pacific Islanders’ resilience and adaptation to changing climates for centuries, but it is still often overlooked.
Irular people
Climate-resilient agricultural knowledge has always been there among Indigenous groups, we just need to learn from them.
According to the Brookings Institution, Africa spent around $43 billion on food imports in 2019. Due to the current inflationary environment, most recent estimates are probably higher.
Coffee farmer_women_Bali
The region has a specialty coffee industry that is booming. But profits from the highly-priced coffee drinks do not translate to increased incomes for growers. Government subsidies and better consumer awareness can help.
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Will Asia dine on plant-based eggs?
A Singapore-based firm has just hatched a new plant-based egg product. The company's founder, Vinita Choolani, tells the Eco-Business Podcast why plant-based eggs will soon be a popular addition to nasi lemak and fried noodles dishes all over the region.
Vegan food
Humanity and the planet are suffering from a serious case of food poisoning. Eco-Business spoke to Brent Loken, WWF's global lead food scientist, about how changes to our diet can help fix our broken food system, and restore our health and the planet's strained ecosystems.
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