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Bribery rupiah
Bribery across supply chains in Southeast Asia is expected to worsen, increasing the risk of funding human rights and environmental misdemeanours. Strong anti-bribery and corruption programmes could help fix that, a new report says.
A study by Punjab Agricultural University used rainfall and temperature data from 35 years to project the impact of climate change on five major crops—rice, maize, cotton, wheat, and potato.
Instant milk chillers are helping pastoralists in India's Thar Desert to keep their dairy fresh as temperatures rise.
From expanding conservation areas to eliminating subsidies that harm nature, implementing the outcomes from the latest global biodiversity summit COP15 is complex for India and South Asia, say experts.
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Deep-tech and precision agric
Six decades after the Green Revolution began, the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence may usher in another agricultural transformation. By enabling farmers to grow more while using fewer resources and generating less waste, these tools could make food production cheaper and more sustainable.
marcos and xi jinping
Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, Jr began his administration by vowing to prioritise clean energy and curbing climate disasters. Eco-Business scrutinises these pledges and asks what he must address to stay true to them.
Irular people
Climate-resilient agricultural knowledge has always been there among Indigenous groups, we just need to learn from them.
According to the Brookings Institution, Africa spent around $43 billion on food imports in 2019. Due to the current inflationary environment, most recent estimates are probably higher.
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good meat eat just chicken bites
Novel food firms are dreaming big about market expansion, but first they must overcome diners' doubts and a huge cost hurdle.
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