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The use of antibiotics in fish culture and hormones in artificial fish breeding bring into question the safety of Bangladesh’s food supply, as exposure to high levels of these substances can harm human and environmental health.
The framework for India’s sovereign green bonds, which aims to spur investments in clean technologies while minimising risks for investors, addresses the difficulty of raising capital but might be introducing new problems in doing so.
Fishermen sponsored by ReSea Project collect plastic from a waterway in Indonesia
ReSea, a sea clean-up project backed by a Danish packaging company, has taken Indonesia-based RIO Ocean Integrity to court for defamation. RIO claims ReSea-branded bags of plastic waste meant for recycling had been dumped around Jakarta.
Drought, falling river levels and seawater intrusion are eroding livelihoods on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, forcing many older residents to the city, where they face unique problems and a thin safety net.
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The Atlantic: the driving force behind ocean circulation and our taste for cod
The history of fishing in the Atlantic aid to trace back to the discovery of cod-rich Canadian waters in 1497. Generations of people greatly benefitted from these resources, until the threat of overfishing became impossible to ignore.
thai fishing boat koh samet
Organised crime in the fisheries sector occurs globally throughout the entire value chain, taking massive toll on human populations worldwide. How can we address these crimes?
women farmers in Himachal Pradesh
Evidence shows that an increase in women's representation in agriculture—as can be seen today in South Asia—does not guarantee their socioeconomic empowerment. But that does not mean that it cannot.
system change climate protest
Our current socio-economic system is built on the exploitation of both people and planet, causing inequality and environmental devastation. To save a world on the brink of ecological and social disaster, calls for greener, more efficient capitalism won’t cut it, writes Zafirah Zein.
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cargill fishermen
EB Studio Smallholder fish farmers in rural Kalimantan are turning towards sustainability, with some assistance from an agribusiness company.
visitor centre tidal power
The Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay is looking to build a sustainable marine community that relies on tidal power for low carbon electricity, food security from aquaculture, and eco-tourism for their livelihood. Watch the video here.
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