Moxie Future’s survey reveals almost two thirds of women motivated to invest responsibly

Moxie Future’s survey reveals almost  two thirds of women motivated to invest responsibly
Women are ready to take the plunge when it comes to investing responsibly, new research by Moxie Future reveals.

HONG KONG, 30 January, 2018 – New research published today by Moxie Future shows that women are leading the way when it comes to investing responsibly with almost two thirds of those surveyed expressing an interest in pursuing investments that have a beneficial impact on society.

The report entitled, “Understanding Female Investors: Women Using Capital to Change the World” (#UFI18) was commissioned by Moxie Future to better understand the investment preferences, habits and motivations of women and their interest in responsible investing, which entails channelling funds into companies and industries that are creating positive social and environmental change.  

“Our survey shows that female investors want more than just good financial returns,” says Moxie Future’s Founder Ms. Jessica Robinson. “In addition, increasing numbers of professional women want to make investment decisions that positively influence the world and are aligned with their values.”

In total, 2,536 women aged 18 to 65 were surveyed across the five major markets of Australia, China, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States through online interviews conducted between March and April 2017.

Findings from the research highlight how female investors in China show the greatest interest and concern when it comes to responsible investment. In total, 84 per cent of women surveyed in China expressed that they are motivated to be a responsible investor.


Among those surveyed, globally 69 per cent of women indicated that they would be interested in investing responsibly if suitable products were available. Interest in responsible investment products is notably highest among women in China (91 per cent) and the United States (74 per cent).

Across all markets poverty, income equality, healthcare and climate change are causes that matter the most to women when it comes to investing their wealth.

In addition, while the research found that women are motivated, there are a number of barriers to be addressed. Many women view their lack of time, knowledge, understanding and distrust of information regarding investment products as the key obstacles in the responsible investment process. Within China however, the leading concern is lack of tested products in the market.

“The research shines a light on the mindset of today’s female investors from their priorities when making investment decisions to the concerns that may be deterring them from investing responsibly,” says Ms. Robinson.


“While our study has found that women are generally positive about responsible investing, it has uncovered the practical difficulties that they face when committing their money, not least a perception among women that the financial services industry is failing to offer advice that aligns with their goals and interests.

“What this tells us is, not only is there a disconnect between women and the financial services sector, but there are untapped opportunities for the industry to work more closely with female investors to deliver products and services specifically designed around them. This includes catering to the investment preferences of women and addressing their needs in a more meaningful way.”

With regards to China, Ms. Robinson attributes the higher levels of interest in responsible investing to the fact that Chinese women are facing more visible challenges, particularly environmental threats which may explain why they are more motivated.  

“This is not forgetting that in terms of financial confidence, our research has uncovered that Chinese women tend to be the most bullish in their own investment abilities,” she continues.

Results from the research also point to how of the five markets surveyed, women in Germany appear to be the most lacking in confidence. Concludes Ms. Robinson, “When it comes to responsible investment opportunities, confidence matters because the higher the level, the more likely female investors are to be concerned and engaged.”

To view a full copy of the report, please see “Understanding Female Investors: Women Using Capital to Change the World. 

 About Moxie Future

Moxie Future is the first education, insight and community platform that empowers female investors to grow their wealth through responsible and impact investing for a more sustainable world. 

Editor’s Notes

A full copy of the Understanding Female Investors report can be downloaded from 

For media interviews or to request a copy of the photographs and infographics that accompany this announcement, please contact Jessica Robinson at Moxie Future on (852) 9826 1201 / (971) 55 942 9318 or at .

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