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Asian, African and Latin American scientists experience delays in the acceptance of their research papers and receive fewer citations. A previous study showed that women are also significantly underrepresented on editorial boards.
India urged to bring women into the workforce by creating female-friendly jobs and conditions as its population and economy grow.
Lax labour regulations and low wages are the norm for data annotation workers in poorer nations, but many have no choice.
Just one river is due to have 36 hydropower projects, with local people saying the impacts of tunnelling the mountainside are already forcing them to leave their homes.
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The precarious nature of informal employment, together with often hazardous working conditions, leaves informal workers particularly vulnerable to health risks.
Better water access and sanitation is a social and public good, and it needs investment.
With over 80 million women participating in 7.5 million self-help groups, India is fostering the world’s largest community development program, which is now a key component of the country’s economy.
The World Bank Group is working across many fronts to help countries recognise both the value of nature and the risks that would follow from losing it.
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Female Professional
EB Studio In an industry dominated by men, what can a palm oil company do to ensure gender equality?
boxing barbie
A study released on Wednesday shows women in every country still do far more unpaid work, like childcare and chores, than men.
Lake Phewa
Working on the lake gives women independence in a country where women are often destined to a life of servitude and denied the access to education, health and jobs.
women for results
A group of women worldwide are taking action to improve their lives by helping address climate change issues, such as the '1 Million Women' movement in Australia. Watch this video.
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