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Current analyses of press freedom in Southeast Asia do not sufficiently capture the unique challenges faced by media professionals reporting on the ground, according to a report by New Naratif. A more detailed picture could help overcome media freedom abuses.
Less than one in five female frontline health workers say protective clothing fits them properly, according to the Women in Global Health network
Women’s network calls for basic standards to bridge gender divide, as gear, designed for men, is often too big and restrictive.
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Publishing research in respected journals, such as Nature or Science, is a key way for academics to share their findings with the scientific community and beyond.
The top asset manager voted against 255 directors for climate issues in a sign that it is taking a more muscular approach against management.
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Lipstick and Covid-19

The pandemic has highlighted the need to ensure that everyone understands that gender equality is a public good, one that will help to usher in the healthier societies we seek.
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According to a new report, the fashion industry still remains biased towards white men, and employees of colour in the industry feel like they don't belong. Inequality in fashion is a systemic issue that will require collective action.
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Communities on the frontlines of global warming impacts rarely have a say in decisions made to protect them. This must change.
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Collective action against sexual harassment did not emerge with the #MeToo campaign. In several countries, particularly in the Global South, that campaign has overshadowed existing movements and impeded ongoing struggles for women’s rights.
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Sponsored In an industry dominated by men, what can a palm oil company do to ensure gender equality?
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A study released on Wednesday shows women in every country still do far more unpaid work, like childcare and chores, than men.
Lake Phewa
Working on the lake gives women independence in a country where women are often destined to a life of servitude and denied the access to education, health and jobs.
women for results
A group of women worldwide are taking action to improve their lives by helping address climate change issues, such as the '1 Million Women' movement in Australia. Watch this video.
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