JDE Peet’s, Melitta Group, and Nestlé share progress with sustainability in Global Coffee Platform Report

JDE Peet’s, Melitta Group, and Nestlé share progress with sustainability in Global Coffee Platform Report

Six leading coffee companies have taken exemplary public action by sharing coffee sustainability progress in a new report published by the Global Coffee Platform (GCP). The GCP Snapshot 2019 & 2020 provides a look into the sustainable coffee purchases of JDE Peet’s, Melitta Group, Nestlé, Strauss Coffee, SUPRACAFÉ and Tesco.

The latest GCP Snapshot has been designed to show the sustainability strides being made by participating GCP Roaster & Retailer Members, while also providing previously unavailable data for the coffee sector to assess.

“The GCP Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases enables roasters and retailers to demonstrate leadership on progress towards transitioning the entire coffee market to sustainable sourcing from diverse origins,” said GCP Executive Director, Annette Pensel.

This year’s report is the result of GCP’s expanding Collective Reporting efforts, which has included new participating GCP Members, new reporting features, and an expansion of sustainability schemes eligible for reporting by using the GCP Baseline Coffee Code as a reference.

Highlights of the GCP Snapshot include data on the increasing share of sustainable coffee purchases as reported by GCP Members for 2019 (41 per cent of total purchased green coffee – a relative increase of 15 per cent compared to 2018) and 2020 (48 per cent of total purchased green coffee).

The report also presents the breakdown of purchases per participating coffee roaster and retailer, as well as a new feature on companies’ sustainable coffee purchases according to sourcing regions. Moreover, it offers insights into origin diversity as well as the shares of sustainable coffee purchased according to different GCP-recognised sustainability schemes.

Sustainability is a shared responsibility

Aligning efforts and using a common language allows the sector to better understand sustainability progress being made and gaps to be urgently worked on. GCP promotes increasing demand and supply of sustainable coffee from diverse origins as one important way to scale positive impact for coffee farmers, workers and their environment.

“The aligned reporting is a powerful example of how GCP Members are cooperating to meet the coffee sustainability challenges. In light of the urgent need to ramp up work towards the Sustainable Development Goals, we encourage roasters and retailers to increase their sustainable coffee purchasing and join this collective transparency effort to advance coffee sustainability,” said Pensel.


GCP encourages all coffee roasters and retailers, including the Signatories to the ICO London Declaration, to join the GCP Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases – a powerful tool to drive sector transparency and increase strategic sustainable coffee sourcing from diverse origins. The next round of reporting on 2021 volumes will kick-off in December 2021.

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