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EB Studio There is a misconception that prioritising profits means placing sustainability in the backseat. However, it is becoming clearer that both profitability and sustainability can coexist within any business – so long as company leaders clearly define their corporate purpose, take actionable steps to achieve their goals, and set the right tone from the top.
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Founder and executive director of Global Cerah, Willie Ng tells Eco-Business how his start-up is helping to mitigate the food cost crisis in Malaysia by turning agricultural waste into alternative protein for animal feed, and how his passion for finding solutions keeps him going.
Hei Zel Tan
The civil litigation lawyer will join the company’s new secretariat leadership and oversee the day-to-day operations of the association. BCSD Malaysia is a CEO-led collaboration and advocacy platform that promotes sustainability.
Bank Negara Malaysia
Malaysia's financial institutions are gearing up to make mandatory climate-related risk disclosures over the next two years. New guidelines designed to be aligned with the globally-accepted TCFD recommendations, now sets out best practices for the management of disclosures by banks, insurers and takaful operators.
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power lines in Malaysia
Southeast Asia is well acquainted with the impact of climate change, but less so with the resilience of energy systems. A collaborative and regional approach to climate modelling of energy systems can inform the development of effective adaptation policies and drive deeper energy integration.
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The world's dependency on digital technology was laid bare by the Covid-19 pandemic. Policymakers need to mobilise digital connectivity to improve the daily welfare of the most vulnerable populations, writes Riccardo Puliti of the World Bank.
Russia Ukraine War_Energy prices_petrol station
By launching a war that even the most battle-hardened of multinationals cannot tolerate, Vladimir Putin has jeopardised Russia's own energy sector and set off a new search for oil and gas around the world.
International Sustainability Standards Board
Adopting the "double materiality" concept means that companies should consider risks and opportunities from both a financial and non-financial perspective. They must take responsibility for how their decisions affect the environment.
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