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Malaysia, a biodiversity hotspot, has many economic activities that are dependent on nature and its services. The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD)'s new framework provides recommendations on how businesses can adapt.
Eufrocinio Bernabe Jr, assistant secretary at the Department of Finance, making a pitch for the Maharlika Investment Fund at 'Unlocking capital for sustainability' Philippines, says it is an additional source of capital for renewables.
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The built environment represents 37 per cent of global man-made emissions, and yet a study of 50 of the world's largest buildings companies found that most have no climate action plan.
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EB Studio There is a misconception that prioritising profits means placing sustainability in the backseat. However, it is becoming clearer that both profitability and sustainability can coexist within any business – so long as company leaders clearly define their corporate purpose, take actionable steps to achieve their goals, and set the right tone from the top.
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EB Studio As Asian countries move to cut their emissions, businesses must both decarbonise and look beyond their value chains for credible and impactful climate action.
Phong Dien Solar PV Park in Thua Thien-Hue, Vietnam
From solar and wind, to electric cars and batteries, clean economic growth is happening faster than we thought possible, says the former chief of the We Mean Business coalition and a senior member of the COP26 climate conference in 2021.
Banten Indonesia
It is important for companies to uphold their legal and moral responsibilities as they navigate through the energy transition.
Wind farm in Guangling county, Shanxi, China
Ahead of the “Summer Davos” forum in China this week, the World Economic Forum’s managing director says businesses need more ecological intelligence and leadership to advance the sustainability agenda.
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