Gunze launches video featuring its ambition for a world of zero plastic waste

Gunze launches video featuring its ambition for a world of zero plastic waste

Osaka-Gunze Limited has launched a new video of its efforts in the plastic film business aiming for a world of zero plastic waste on its website. This will enable to achieve a world of zero plastic waste together with companies that can agree with our efforts.

Gunze plastic films have been finding steadily increasing applications closely related to everyday life. For example, Gunze’s shrink film “Fancywrap” is used for beverage bottles as well as packaging for food, home and personal care items, while our anti-fogging film is suitable for wrapping mushrooms, bean sprouts, and other fresh produce.

Particularly, the shrink film used for beverage bottles maintains a very high share of the Japanese market. In addition to providing the utility of packaging and wrapping, Gunze strives to develop films that are easy to open and peel off, and which build sustainability of the environment through Gunze’s cutting-edge technology.

In this way, Gunze is committed to producing film products that provide comfort to the Earth and its people.
Apart from the idea of zero plastic society, this latest video by Gunze seeks to engage with companies who can agree with us by clearly stating our policy of achieving a world of zero plastic waste by utilising the functions of plastics and circulating them.

The main contents of the video

(1) Commitment on converting a Moriyama main factory in Shiga, Japan to resource circulating factory.
(2) Commitment on setting up a ZEB (*) office in Shiga, Japan.
* Abbreviation for Zero Energy Building. Zero energy buildings combine energy efficiency and renewable energy generation to consume only as much energy as can be produced onsite through renewable resources over a specified time period.
(3) Efforts to introduce technology that separates different compositions of films and converts them into new resources.
(4) Efforts to develop a light and easy-to-separate polyolefin shrink films that can be easily recycled.
(5) Efforts to develop nylon films that contribute to reducing food loss.
* Plastic Company website that posted the video:

Our achievements in near future

Our efforts to achieve zero plastic waste in plastic film business will be announced on our website in sequence.

About Gunze

Gunze was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1896, and today operates a diverse business as a leading developer and manufacturer of Plastic Films, Engineering Plastics, Electronic Components, Medical Devices, Apparel, and various other segments. Gunze employs more than 5,800 people worldwide throughout 10 countries.
The Plastic Films business, established in 1962, has a substantial footprint over 20 countries. It has three manufacturing facilities in Japan, and subsidiaries in the U.S., China, and Vietnam. Gunze’s mission will continue to be centered on advancing the quality of life by providing innovative products and solutions.


Gunze Limited, Plastic Film Company Global Sales & Marketing
Mr. Naohito Fukushima
TEL: +81-6-7731-5800

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