Amita Holdings and Re Sustainability, the largest waste management company in India, sign MoU

Amita Holdings and Re Sustainability, the largest waste management company in India, sign MoU

AMITA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (hereafter AMITA), recycling business top runner in Japan and the largest waste management company in India and a part of Ramky Group, Re Sustainability Limited (hereafter ReSL), and its group company in Japan, P9 LLC (hereafter P9) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Feasibility Studies (MoU) on May 1, 2024.

Under the agreement, the three companies will jointly conduct a comprehensive business feasibility study to promote a decarbonised society and circular economy, with a view to collaborate by establishing a partnership for projects in India, Singapore and other emerging markets.


Jointly conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to promote a decarbonised society and circular economy in India, Singapore and other emerging markets, using their respective technologies, market knowledge and expertise. As initial studies, the feasibility of a project to produce and provide alternative raw materials for cement in India and a project to recycle silicon slurry in Singapore will be investigated by the end of 2024.


AMITA and Kitakyushu City jointly applied for the “FY2024 Inter-City Collaboration Project for realising a Decarbonised Society”, in which their decarbonisation project in India was selected. In India, AMITA will be conducting a feasibility study for the development of eco-towns in areas facing an increased problem of untreated waste, with Ramky Group as their collaboration partner. (Background and details of the initiative are here).

As part of the above initiative, Ramky Group and AMITA agreed that closer collaboration between Ramky Group’s ReSL, P9 and AMITA, is necessary to investigate the feasibility of the decarbonisation project in India by using and commercialising the solid and liquid waste collected locally by ReSL.  As such, the three companies have decided to enter into this MoU.

India’s population will overtake China to become the world’s largest by 2024, and it will rank fifth in the world GDP ranking in 2024, surpassing the UK. With India, and other emerging markets, expected to have a significant economic development in the future, the three companies decided to promote feasibility studies on sustainable circular operations through this MoU.


The AMITA Group has been recycling industrial waste into usable resources in Malaysia since 2017, as part of its efforts to achieve a sustainable society.

The Group is pursuing Social Systems Design Business; Serving as a “do tank” that assists businesses and municipalities in developing and implementing vision and strategy for achieving greater corporate and community sustainability. Corporate and municipal clients numbered 1,560 in FY 2023. The AMITA Group pursues a sustainable society that values cyclical relationships between nature and people, and among people.

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