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Agilent roundtable live panel on wastewater surveillance and analysis



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Date: November 2nd 2021

Time: 09:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Singapore Time


Welcome to our Roundtable Live Panel on Wastewater Surveillance and Analysis.

We are delighted to present this informative roundtable panel discussion with 3 esteemed speakers, experts in their fields, to give us insights to this very relevant topic in today’s environment. Our host for this event is Robin Philp – Agilent Academia and Collaborations Manager, who is joined by Anna Moore – Sustainability Consulting and Partnerships Manager from Eco-Business.

Panel discussion topics:

1. There are different analytical techniques for wastewater testing
How can the data be applied, whether investigative, or for trend analysis?
Can we do more? Is there a greater need for remote/sensor-based monitoring

2. Microplastics, Nanoplastics:
How are they making their way to Water?
What does it mean for the biological environment (living things), and how they impact systems biology?

3. There are different contaminants in wastewater – Drugs, microplastics, diseases.
Are there any cumulative effects of these different contaminants, whether amplificative or inhibitive?
What is the overall impact on the toxicology of water?

Our speakers:

Professor Shane Snyder, Executive Director, NEWRI, Professor, NTU Singapore - Exploring the Great Unknown: New Tools to Assess Complex Environmental Mixtures

Associate Professor Shuhei Tanaka, Associate Professor, Kyoto University - Microplastics and the Environment*

Stephan Baumann, Global Segment Manager, Agilent Technologies - Infectious Disease Surveillance in Wastewater

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Erica Kim
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