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Sixty newly trained youth negotiators will join their country delegations at the UN summit in Egypt with an aim to speed change.
India has clocked up more internet shutdowns than any other country, including one of the world's longest - in Kashmir, forcing everyone from journalists to students to find creative workarounds.
Global warming is having a new side-effect: forcing scientific publications to bend their punctuation rules.
Barriers to the work of global south researchers make accurate climate projections more difficult and limit the ability of countries to adapt.
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fossil free future sg
In Asian universities, students often have little say about what happens on campus. As student divestment groups in the region gain momentum, it’s time for universities to listen to what their students have to say about issues that will affect their future.
lab grown chicken
Singapore is the first country in the world to approve cell-based meat, but that’s just one of the five reasons why the city-state is well-positioned to provide an enabling environment for food tech innovators to thrive.
Stop Adani protest at LLoyd's
Owing to years of grassroots mobilisation and the rise of renewables and low-carbon assets, financial markets are finally shifting gears to account for the inevitable decline of fossil fuels. But policymakers must heed the call for clear standards.
Tokyo, densely populated city
The Covid-19 pandemic has fallen hardest not just on cities but on poorer, overcrowded neighborhoods. Could the pandemic lead to a more advanced and inclusive form of urbanism?
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semakau ntu grid
Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University is building the region’s first model electricity grid that can tap and distribute power from multiple energy sources, including fossil fuels and renewable energy.
Divest It Like It's Hot
A student coalition in Santa Clara University in California is urging the school board to discontinue its investments in fossil fuel companies through a catchy music video called "Divest It Like It's Hot".
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