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Teesta River
After failing to sign a water sharing agreement with India, Bangladesh receives support from China to develop a US$1 billion engineering scheme on the Teesta.
big tech big data
As a world in climate crisis enters a new decade, Eco-Business highlights five major trends that will shape society and business in the coming year.
a shelf of cockroaches at Shandong Qiaobin Agricultural Technology Co., in Jinan, China. WOCHIT NEWS YOUTUBE
From river trash shepherds to food waste-fighting cockroaches, here are 19 of our favourite sustainability innovations of 2019.
Facebook data centre Singapore
The desire of corporate giants to become 100 per cent renewable is driving clean energy investment and fuelling the energy transition worldwide. As businesses set their sights on greening their operations in Southeast Asia, can the region meet businesses' clean energy needs?
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technology and safety
Digital technology offers many promises to improve our lives and businesses. But if we are not careful, it will not only cause great harm, but our ability to use it as a tool for good will be diminished.
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