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EDC binary geothermal power plant
EB Studio The country’s latest green energy auction might have been hampered by issues with transmission lines, but experts say this should not stop businesses from expanding their renewables use. Battery storage could be a solution.
A mix of government initiatives, marketing and consumer choice can help cut emissions from China’s food system.
Instant milk chillers are helping pastoralists in India's Thar Desert to keep their dairy fresh as temperatures rise.
Robin Pho, Sunseap EDP
Pho has sold a family business that pivoted to clean energy in 2018. Post-merger, he will be the Indonesia country head for EDPR Sunseap.
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Relicanthus sp. CCZ
The deep ocean can be used for carbon dioxide removal from our atmosphere. Here are the opportunities, risks and constraints.
Bangui wind farm, Philippines
Southeast Asia’s power sector is set to strike out in a new direction this year, driven by energy security needs and new opportunities for collaboration as some of the world’s biggest polluters step up climate action.
Rooftop solar, Bhutan
Renewables could spur the post-pandemic recovery in Asia. But as this year’s climate change conference approaches, the region's energy planners have a lot of catching up to do.
farm workers cleaning solar panels
After decades of incremental but insufficient progress, climate change is now reaching a tipping point. There are at least five good reasons why this time around, a systems change is in the making.
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EB Studio Battery technology could reshape the global energy sector, and this year's #Innovate4Climate summit in Singapore will focus on the cutting-edge innovation that could change the energy landscape.
Solar Cow 2
Yolk Station, a South Korean solar energy company, has installed a renewable energy solution in a remote Kenyan town that can also tackle the problem of child labour.
Climate KIC Youth
Climate change is not all doom and gloom, it's a business opportunity. Young aspiring entrepreneurs are growing profitable businesses that are helping to make the planet a more habitable place.
solar eclipse panasonic
Panasonic will film live the total solar eclipse happening on March 9 and air the event from Ternate, Indonesia using power from the sun stored in its portable energy storage system.
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Red ship on the ocean
EB Studio [The EB Podcast] In the third episode of the series Tomorrow’s cities: Engineering the energy transition, we explore how the shipping industry is charting a course to a low-carbon future.
peat swamp kampar gp
EB Studio The once abundant peat forests of Indonesia's Kampar peninsula have been deforested to half its size over the last two decades. Is there hope in saving the country's largest remaining forest reserve? 
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