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id flooding karawang
Cutting carbon emissions in developing world cities will be critical in the fight against climate change, according to a new study. Supplying buildings with cleaner energy, bolstering flood defences and expanding public transport can help.
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China’s new climate pledges have made coal’s phase out seem inevitable, and the country’s power market is struggling to find new roles for its existing coal fleet.
Campbell's Australia Shepparton plant
Sponsored To meet their sustainability targets, food manufacturers must tackle emissions across their entire supply chains. An immediate step they can take, is to reduce electricity consumption at their factories.
The bamboo house designed by Earl Patrick Forlales, which won the Cities of the Future competition in 2019.
Sponsored The number of green solutions on the market has exploded as industry looks for ways to fight climate change. But do they really live up to the marketing hype? Eco-Business asks the experts about four much talked about green products on the market.
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Alsons Power Group's second 105-MW coal plant in central Mindanao
As governments’ efforts to tackle climate change accelerate, asset owners with significant long-term capital tied up in coal-fired generation will need to reconsider the role of their facilities to avoid their assets becoming stranded.
buildings in singapore
While Singapore's scheme to promote energy-efficient buildings has been improved over the years, it should be critically evaluated to ensure its aims are being realised.
thornbank windfarm
Now that the European Union has committed billions of dollars to stimulus spending geared toward confronting climate change, political and business leaders must ensure that these funds deliver the best possible return.
solar engineer in TInginapu
The shift to sustainable energy gives societies a chance to tackle systemic gender discrimination. Fortunately, governments, firms, universities, and NGOs increasingly recognise the need to make the green transition more diverse and inclusive.
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GSK green office
Sponsored [The EB Podcast] In the second episode of the series Tomorrow’s cities: Engineering the energy transition, we explore how to build zero carbon cities in fast-growing Southeast Asia.
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