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The standards organisation accused of approving “worthless” credits last year got an endorsement for meeting the ICVCM's quality criteria. The carbon market outlook remains unclear, with Indonesia recently censuring a huge forest project.
Tropical peat swamp forest carbon monitoring, Central Kalimantan
The council will rule on major forest carbon project types and programmes, including market goliath Verra, in the coming months. The focus will be on nudging for improvements, a standards oversight and board member tells Eco-Business.
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Project developers are digging into reserves to cover losses, but these challenges might be difficult for local communities to grasp. Legal obscurity on what happens when players go bust could also make future insolvencies messy affairs.
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Three of the “Big Four” carbon standards organisations have received endorsement, while market major Verra is still under review. A nonprofit says the approved groups are not yet watertight on transparency.
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Indonesia copper export halts
Western governments want to advance the clean energy transition without being overly dependent on China for critical minerals. But their plans fail to acknowledge a potential obstacle: the fraught local politics of opening up new mines.
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To turn around deforestation, patient indigenous-led conservation is key.
A walk through primary rainforest in Costa Rica
Protecting the world's forests would contribute significantly to the fight against climate change. But to do that, we must find the right balance between food production and reforestation, says WRI experts.
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Renewable energy is one promising solution to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate against climate change; but no technology is as effective at storing carbon as tropical forests, says Rockefeller Foundation's Lorenzo Bernasconi.

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REDD+ handed in Paris

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