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A Raffles' banded langur
As money pours into nature-based projects to store carbon as governments and companies pursue net-zero targets, efforts to conserve animal and plant species risk being sidelined.
oil palm plantation in cigudeg-2021
With the Indonesian government refusing to renew a three-year ban on issuing licenses for new oil palm plantations, experts are warning of a deforestation free-for-all.
Sumatran Tiger in Indonesia
The Indonesian government says the decision is made after thorough consultations and cites lack of progress in the payment by Norway as one of the reasons for the termination.
Aerial view RImba Raya
Already the one of the largest REDD+ projects in the world, the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve in Indonesia achieved another milestone last month.
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A walk through primary rainforest in Costa Rica
Protecting the world's forests would contribute significantly to the fight against climate change. But to do that, we must find the right balance between food production and reforestation, says WRI experts.
amazon aerial view
Renewable energy is one promising solution to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate against climate change; but no technology is as effective at storing carbon as tropical forests, says Rockefeller Foundation's Lorenzo Bernasconi.
amazon aerial view

Carbon & Climate

REDD+ handed in Paris

If the climate negotiators meeting in Paris are truly interested in halting forest loss and bringing climate change under control, they should pull the plug on REDD+ and address the underlying causes of deforestation, says researcher and activist Jutta Kill.
deforestation in kuching
Who really holds power over land use decisions? Why are efforts to keep forests standing, such as REDD+ and other initiatives, still so far from altering development trajectories? CIFOR researchers Anne Larson and Ashwin Ravikumar explore.
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