App neutralises emissions for all hotel booking done in 2013 follows through with their total commitment to neutralizing hotel emissions done through their mobile hotel reservation application with a sector leading commitment of 2,000 tons of greenhouse gases offset.

Starting from early 2013, an application for booking hotel rooms at the last minute, become the first application to commit to offsetting the carbon footprint of all hotel nights systematically.’s automatic offsetting solution is the first of its kind in the hotel reservation sector. No other hotel reservations operator, from the biggest to the smallest, both nationally and internationally, is offering an automatic carbon offsetting solution for the entire duration of a hotel stay.

In February 2014 consolidated the total bookings done in 2013 and delivered on its sustainability commitment by offsetting a total of 2,000 tonnes of carbon emissions that resulted from the bookings done through the application.

The environmental project selected for the offsetting was the Cikel Brazilian Amazon REDD Project registered under the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). The main activity of the project is to stop the planned deforestation activities and to instead conserve the forest area as a carbon sink. This forest protection project was selected not only for its environmental benefits, but also for the extended sustainability benefits the project delivers.

To put the commitment into more visual terms, the emissions offset of 2,000 tonnes in the Cikel REDD project represents the protection of 148 hectares (366 acres) of the endangered forest for a period of one year. This is roughly the size of 5,686 tennis courts.

About is an application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones that allows the user to book hotel rooms at the “last minute”. The application offers a small variety of hotels with discounts up to 50 per cent on the best rate of the day on any given day.

The aim of is to allow users to locate a hotel room in a city of their choice at a reduced rate for same day booking. Subsequently, is able to provide citywide results for the best prices at all times.

When it comes to hotels, is able to offer real time reservations on any available rooms at any time of day. As a real time application’s application can therefore provide the most competitive prices for immediate booking. is a Spanish company at the leading edge of hotel reservation sector with its unique ability to procure hotel reservation bookings through mobile applications.

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ALLCOT develops, manages and trades in all sectors related with climate mitigation, focusing on sustainable development through trading and building successful partnerships with companies who value the environment. Solutions offered by ALLCOT are customised and designed to improve business operations at all levels, from operation development to carbon portfolio management, covering all needs of today’s climate conscious entities.

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For more information, contact at HOT:
Adelaida Muriel
Director of Marketing and Communication

Contact at ALLCOT:
Rosa Brosé

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