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Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Philippines
Geographical and technical hurdles coupled with a gas glut in Asia mean nuclear power is unlikely to gain a toehold in the region, despite its inclusion in Europe's “gold standard” green investment rulebook.
Meat sample in a cell culture dish.
Sponsored Government and industry should consider a “blend of solutions” and welcome innovation to ensure Earth's survival, said sustainability leaders at Ecosperity Week 2021.
small modular reactors
While small modular reactors can replace fossil fuels, public confidence in nuclear power is low.
Six tunnel heads, each weighing 4,650 tonnes, will be lifted into position at Hinkley Point
Cooler Sino-British relations mean China’s cash for UK nuclear plants is at risk—and success at the COP26 climate talks.
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Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Philippines
Other than to have mercy on soon-to-be-unemployed nuclear engineers, there is not a single reason why Southeast Asia shouldn't leapfrog nuclear energy. Dangerous and expensive, the technology simply isn't worth the hassle.
albany wind farm western australia
Despite the uptick in renewable energy usage, global emissions have steadily increased. World Resources Institute's John Woolard argues that commitments to 100% renewables will not alone curb the worst impacts of climate change.
A laborer hauls crushed rocks pulversied by a diesel-powered crusher in the shadow of a wind turbine.
Ensuring underserved populations have reliable, clean and safe access to electricity is a $1.2 trillion opportunity, says ADB's Yongping Zhai.
nuclear and wind
Nuclear power has become a kind of renewable-energy bogeyman, with radiation presented as a source of acute and immediate danger to communities and the environment. But fears about radiation are vastly exaggerated, and the potential of nuclear power is unmatched by other renewables.
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Screen Grab: Flinders Ranges Australia
Traditional landowners say a plan to store radioactive waste near sacred Aboriginal sites is a desecration of their heritage.
fukushima water
New ad takes aim at Tepco’s lack of transparency on the water contamination at Fukushima’s nuclear site. Watch the video here:
dead ev battery
Japanese firms venture into solar energy storage using discarded electric vehicle batteries, complementing the country's move to continue building more solar power plants.
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