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An ukay-ukay stall in Silay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
In a survey by online marketplace Carousell, 92 per cent of respondents from the Philippines said they bought secondhand items, but because of affordability. Hong Kong and Singapore ranked highest for choosing pre-loved items because they're more sustainable.
solar panels australia
The New South Wales government has backed a trial that will rescue rooftop solar panels destined for landfill to keep generating energy in solar gardens.
Jasmine Tuan
Tuan joins to help 'humanise' the anti-waste NGO's brand and engage with communities.
How Biden's climate agenda aims to trigger a 'good-paying' jobs boom
The United States’ competition with China, a transition to cleaner energy and thorny trade agreements will be top of the agenda as President Joseph Biden makes Asia his foreign policy priority.
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waste collecting and sorting in MY
Aside from the inflow from other countries, a bulk of the plastic problem originates from Malaysians. As industry players await the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme, relevant regulations are required for a circular economy.
Landfill in Australia
Reducing emissions does not mean destroying jobs and the economy. It means growing jobs and economic wealth in different parts of the economy.
formal dismantlers
By 2050, two-thirds of the world's citizens will live in cities, putting pressure on infrastructure such as waste management systems. How can IoT help develop smarter ways of reducing waste?
christmas gift
Every year, the festive season sees consumption peaking, with billions being spent on holiday shopping in the United States and Canada. How can shoppers reduce their environmental footprint this Christmas?
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A view of Orchard Road, Singapore
Sponsored About four out of every five people impacted by sea-level rise by 2050 will live in East or Southeast Asia, creating an urgent need climate-smart solutions for cities. This year’s Innovate4Climate summit will look at the climate-smart solutions the region needs.
Manchester United
To raise awareness about plastic pollution in oceans, popular football club Manchester United has announced new uniforms made from recycled ocean plastic.
Pulau Tukong
The new development - to be used for military exercises - will reclaim land using less sand, and introduces the city-state’s first sub-sea level polder.
Screen Grab: Flinders Ranges Australia
Traditional landowners say a plan to store radioactive waste near sacred Aboriginal sites is a desecration of their heritage.
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