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The Brazilian city of Belém will welcome the world at next year’s UN climate summit, but faces a race to be ready. Its residents are calling for a lasting legacy and investment.
Yasser Amin_Stridy
2024 will be the "year of public hygiene" for the city-state. Beyond enforcement, community clean-up organisation Stridy hopes to see infrastructure improvements such as better-placed bins and signages, as well as more efforts to recognise cleaners.
Chu Xian Oh, Magorium
Persuading firms in the construction and waste management sectors – both set in their ways – to accept Magorium's new method that could potentially close the loop for waste plastic was challenging. Why fix a process that isn't broken, many would ask, says the startup founder Oh Chu Xian.
With Jakarta's only landfill near bursting point, an Indonesian maggot farmer has a sustainable solution for the city's food waste.
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Informal waster workers_Ghazipur landfill_India
The focus of Delhi’s existing solid waste management policies is not on curtailing ever-increasing consumption and production but making waste invisible or incinerating it for profit.
Waste pollution_coastal
There is still ambiguity in how penalties for bad waste management are enforced. The lack of data on the waste being imported into Malaysia makes it difficult for authorities to assess the risks associated with transboundary waste imports.
A Malawian campaigner and scientist at the UN INC4 negotiations in Ottawa sets out four tests for the global plastic treaty.
Sportswear, athleisure and sneakers are big business. But they depend on fossil fuel-based materials, and recycling them is particularly tricky.
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A view of Orchard Road, Singapore
EB Studio About four out of every five people impacted by sea-level rise by 2050 will live in East or Southeast Asia, creating an urgent need climate-smart solutions for cities. This year’s Innovate4Climate summit will look at the climate-smart solutions the region needs.
Manchester United
To raise awareness about plastic pollution in oceans, popular football club Manchester United has announced new uniforms made from recycled ocean plastic.
Pulau Tukong
The new development - to be used for military exercises - will reclaim land using less sand, and introduces the city-state’s first sub-sea level polder.
Screen Grab: Flinders Ranges Australia
Traditional landowners say a plan to store radioactive waste near sacred Aboriginal sites is a desecration of their heritage.
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