Eco-conscious brand incentivises Singaporeans towards sustainability with affordable basics

Eco-conscious brand incentivises Singaporeans towards sustainability with affordable basics

Soft-launched in September this year, Tortoise The Label (“Tortoise”) is a Singaporean lifestyle brand that provides an affordable yet sustainable solution to our consistent need for new wardrobe basics. Every piece in Tortoise’s first collection of 100 per cent organic cotton tops for all genders comes with a set amount of “Carrot Credits” that are rewarded for future purchases when preloved pieces are sent back to Tortoise for recycling.

The Carrot Credit recycling system has been designed by Tortoise The Label to be a circular model that incentivises customers to give their preloved Tortoise pieces a second life to keep textile waste out of landfills. This system keeps the clothes affordable, and the experience of recycling hassle-free for customers.

The concept for the brand was born from the question: “What if there was a more sustainable way to shop for wardrobe essentials?”

The idea for the label first hatched when 24 year-old founder, Megan Lam was on a personal journey toward sustainability and realized that basics like clean white tees were often so well-loved, they were not readily available secondhand. Furthermore, buying from sustainable brands is often much too expensive for eco-conscious youth.

Enter: Tortoise The Label, a solution that aims to be sustainable, ethical and affordable for all. With the Carrot Credit system, customers can feel like their first purchases are the “down payments” of a lifelong journey with sustainable basics, and that every piece of clothing has value even after use.

Designed with a future in mind

The journey toward circularity for Tortoise means making deliberately eco-conscious choices in every part of the business model too. The choice of using 100 per cent organic cotton without additional tags and labels ensures the ease of recycling by eliminating the need for resource-heavy sorting and unnecessary waste.

Even the parcel mailers, known as TotePacks, have been made from recycled plastic bottles and designed to be reused - first as tote bags, then again for returns.

With the mission “to pave the path for a happier you–and a happier planet”, Tortoise seeks to lower the barriers to a sustainable lifestyle and empower customers to take charge of their sustainability journeys. Moving forward, the brand is working towards extending the Carrot Credits recycling system to textiles and preloved clothes from other brands too.

To find out more about Tortoise The Label, visit or follow @tortoisethelabel on Instagram.

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