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Indonesia's push to build 57 new dams by 2024 could boost water storage and help with floods, but is causing new problems as well.
China leads the world when it comes to renewables. It is not only the largest producer of solar energy, it also dominates solar panel manufacturing, producing more than 80 per cent of the global supply.
In India, urban farming has seen some traction across states, but rapid development and the need to make urban agriculture viable mean the contours of official policy on it must be shaped.
Tubewell owners control the lives of millions of marginal farmers in Bangladesh’s northwestern districts. This months-long investigation reveals the devastating impacts on people across the Barind Tract.
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In the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Global Risks Report, nine of the ten biggest risks for the next decade have a water-related component.
The spike in plastics waste during the pandemic is worsening marine pollution.
Mounting marine pollution is choking the world’s oceans and rivers, especially in Southeast Asia — and it’ll only get worse unless something changes.
Banderban farmers
In South Asia, where population pressures pose a significant food security challenge, growing at least two crops per year boosts productivity, writes International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre's Julie Mollins.
morocco irrigated field
Water scarcity can spark bitter conflict, but effective resource management and resilience policies can help countries avoid water scarcity and boost economic growth, says World Bank Group vice president for sustainable development Laura Tuck.
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davenport iowa reverend
Regardless of your beliefs, the overarching message of this video on environmental stewardship will likely resonate.
screen shot tomorrow
Moving away from narratives that spell fear of climate-related catastrophes, "Tomorrow" tells stories of how ordinary people -- from Icelandic volcanoes to Indian slums -- employ innovative ways to fight the effects of climate change.
bhungroo women india
Women continue to show results in addressing climate change in urban and rural communities around the world. UN's Momentum for Change celebrates their efforts through this short video.
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