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The annual monsoon rains have failed to arrive in Nepal as anticipated ahead of the rice-planting season, leaving farmers facing another season of loss and the country bracing for a food shortage.
Eight years after the devastating 2014 floods, residents of Srinagar fear a repeat despite a much-touted plan to reduce damage.
In the rush to build some of Pakistan’s most expensive real estate, an investigation reveals that ecosystems and livelihoods are being demolished, and the risk of disaster being heightened.
Rising temperatures and weather fluctuations may drive hunger and malnutrition in India, unless the country acts urgently.
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Banderban farmers
In South Asia, where population pressures pose a significant food security challenge, growing at least two crops per year boosts productivity, writes International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre's Julie Mollins.
morocco irrigated field
Water scarcity can spark bitter conflict, but effective resource management and resilience policies can help countries avoid water scarcity and boost economic growth, says World Bank Group vice president for sustainable development Laura Tuck.
tigris river turkey
Unless water resources are managed with extraordinary care, the consequences could be devastating, say Prince El Hassan bin Talal, distinguished member of the Global High Level Panel on Water and Peace, and Sundeep Waslekar, president of Strategic Foresight Group.
valentines day roses
With Valentine's Day around the corner, World Resources Institute research associate Kathleen Buckingham examines the environmental impact of flowers.

Food & Agriculture

The GMO dilemma

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davenport iowa reverend
Regardless of your beliefs, the overarching message of this video on environmental stewardship will likely resonate.
screen shot tomorrow
Moving away from narratives that spell fear of climate-related catastrophes, "Tomorrow" tells stories of how ordinary people -- from Icelandic volcanoes to Indian slums -- employ innovative ways to fight the effects of climate change.
bhungroo women india
Women continue to show results in addressing climate change in urban and rural communities around the world. UN's Momentum for Change celebrates their efforts through this short video.
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