Unsung heroines who take action on climate change

Women continue to show results in addressing climate change in urban and rural communities around the world. UN’s Momentum for Change celebrates their efforts through this short video.

From women farmers in India and Africa to solar entrepreneurs in Thailand and Indonesia, women around the world continue to address the most pressing issues brought about by climate change, according to the latest video report from Women for Results. And the outcomes are impressive. 

Women for Results is a climate action campaign which showcases practical solutions from women who improve lives and communities in both urban and rural settings. It is led by Momentum for Change, a platform under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which highlights actions that are achieving real results on the ground.

The groups recognised for their inspiring and transformative actions in 2014 include the Bhungroo project in Gujarat, India, the Solar Power Company Group in Thailand and the Ibu Inspirasi in Indonesia.

These efforts place women at the forefront of climate change adaptation - from mitigating extreme flooding or droughts in India’s farming communities to providing access to affordable low-carbon technologies in Thailand and rural Indonesia. 

For example, Bhungroo, an innovative irrigation system, helps underprivileged women farmers manage the impact of extreme weather on their farms. The system not only prevents flooding by storing rainwater underground; it also provides a source of fresh water in times of drought.

The project has helped these women clear debts, own land and gain confidence in themselves and their capacity to solve problems. They are now able to participate in local governance because of their knowledge in Bhungroo’s water management system, the UNFCCC website said. 

Meanwhile, Kopernik, a social enterprise which brings simple low-carbon technologies to remote communities across the world, recognises women’s capacity to become green technology sales agents in Indonesia through Ibu Inspirasi. Kopernik said this initiative helps women learn how to use low-carbon technologies such as solar lamps, fuel-efficient cookstoves and water filters, and then sell these technologies to other women across the archipelago.

Wandee Khunchornyakong, meanwhile, is in a league of her own. She leads Thailand’s largest solar power generation company Solar Power Company Group as chief executive officer. Through her leadership, the company has secured  more than US$800 million of private financing which enables the firm to construct a total of 36 solar photovoltaic farms, providing up to 250 megawatts of electricity in northeast Thailand.

The firm has also given Thai women opportunities to work in the clean energy sector. 

These Women for Results initiatives were chosen from dozens of applications around the world, along with other Momentum for Change Lighthouse Activities including Urban Poor, Financing for Climate Friendly Investment and ICT Solutions. 

Overall, since Momentum for Change started in 2012, it has built a database of nearly 200 initiatives tackling climate change in communities around the world.

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