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Economic Feasibility of Sustainable Non-Food Biodiesel: Castor
Biofuels are becoming big policy and big business as countries around the world look to decrease petroleum dependence, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transportation sector, and support agricultural …
Economic Feasibility of Sustainable Non-Food Feedstock Based Biodiesel
CJP sees the future position of biofuels within the broader scope of the global transformation of the energy system from fossil-‐based to renewable energy-‐based sources. A main threat for an …
Castor Bean Can Cut Carbon & Fuel the Future
Castor is an important non-edible oilseed crop of the family Euphorbiaceae with great utilitarian value in industry, agriculture and pharmaceutical sectors. The presence of hydroxyl group and double bonds in …
Nonfood Biodiesel Seed Leaflet: MAHUA-Madhuca longifolia
The two major species of genus Madhuca found in India are Madhuca Indica (syn. Bassia latifolia) and Madhuca longifolia (syn.Brassica longifolia). Mahua is the widely accepted as local name for …
Agricultural insurance improves food security globally
One in eight people in emerging markets suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Agricultural insurance is an indispensable part of agricultural risk management and helps to smooth farm income as well as incentivise food investment. Agricultural insurance...
Latest Agricultural Technology Innovation
Changes in the way food is grown will soon represent risk to existing dominant players worldwide and create new opportunities in agriculture.
Farm to Factory: Technology in Reducing Water Risk in the Food and Beverage Industry
As the food industry focuses on water savings for sustained growth, Lux Research rates 39 companies with technologies that can help.
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