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Picking wild morel mushrooms brought big money to mountain villages in the Indian Himalayas. But higher spring temperatures and low rainfall may mean an end to the lucrative harvest.
old and new agri solutions
New and emerging technologies could pave the way to net-zero emissions agriculture in the next two decades, using robotics, electric vehicles, improved crop varieties and distributed monitoring.
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Only two countries from Asia Pacific—Singapore and Australia—feature in a global ranking of food security. How can the world's most populous region improve food security?
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If the region continues to eat meat and seafood at current rates, by 2050 the equivalent of an additional 95 million cars will be on the road and a land area size of India will be used, according to a new report. Is there a better way to tackle Asia's protein crunch?
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A soy "chicken" sandwich with vegan barbecue sauce

Food & Agriculture

Climate change on the menu

Overshadowed by the transport and manufacturing industries, food and agriculture is a key culprit of greenhouse gas emissions that flies under the radar when it comes to climate change.
Green roofs - rooftops covered with a layer of vegetation-are getting a lot of credit for providing environmental …
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Katherine Desbaillets, co-owner of SaladStop!
As Singapore-based salad bar chain SaladStop! marks its 10th anniversary, co-owner Katherine Desbaillets talks to Eco-Business about phasing out meat, food waste and single-use packaging, and dealing with customers who refuse to pay 10 cents for a plastic bag.
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