Innoverde - putting fuel cell technology in electric vehicles

The EFOY Fuel Cell is a lightweight, mobile and most importantly, a green power source that is no bigger than a CPU. Leveraging on this technology, the E-Trike is Innoverde’s pet project and amongst many others, it is a product of love; it is a tricycle with a two-passenger cab powered by an EFOY fuel cell tucked snugly at the rear.

The idea came about when Ken Pereira, CEO and Director of Innoverde, saw the inconvenience and trouble traditional electric vehicle owners go through. They are restricted by the limited battery mileage and the need of existing infrastructure to charge the batteries, in addition to the time it takes for the battery to charge fully.

Whilst exploring the use of alternative clean energies for transport in green zones, Ken saw the potential in the EFOY fuel cell’s mobility, lightweight nature and eco-friendliness (zero emissions) to solve this problem. He explained, “ I wanted to experiment with the usage of the fuel cell technology to provide the E-trike with pedal-assisted power, which is set to supplement the rider’s strength as opposed to being an independent motor. Not only were we successful, with just one fuel cartridge, the E-trike is able to cover distances up to 1,500km.”

Additional experiments included hybrid solutions by coupling the fuel cell with solar panels to provide a 100% reliable powering solution that also provides power for additional E-Trike on-board add-ons like a 6 mega-pixel, 180 degree camera mounted in front and a remote router that can transmit the video feed wirelessly.

Innoverde is the exclusive distributor of the German born EFOY Fuel Cell technology in South East Asia. NEA, HDB and PUB, amongst many others, have been using this clean energy in their mobile deployments. With the EFOY Fuel Cell, they are able to monitor high rise littering to flood prevention monitoring remotely and with high mobility through Innoverde’s partner, Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd, which provides manpower saving, remote monitoring solutions. Furthermore, with the right configuration, the EFOY Fuel Cell could last a whole month generating power at full load without requiring a change of fuel cartridge. This means that the deployment requires little to no human intervention or maintenance, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Security and monitoring industries are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the implementation and feasibility of the EFOY Fuel Cell. Looking forward, Innoverde is aiming to further change the landscape through providing green power solutions to the construction industry and exploring any other industry that requires the mobile, lightweight and lasting power which the EFOY Fuel Cell provides. While one EFOY Fuel Cell can produce, on constant load, up to 110W of power, it can be stacked to fit the requirements of the device(s) it is powering.

About Innoverde Pte Ltd

Innoverde is dedicated to providing green solutions that increase productivity through green innovations. Fuel by the belief that being environmentally driven can benefit both society and also be economical to companies, Innoverde aims to introduce innovative and green solutions that would help cultivate a productive yet sustainable society. EFOY Fuel Cell technology is one of the many products Innoverde hopes to achieve this with. Green Innovation, Green Productivity, Green Solutions.

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