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Willie Ng portrait A-list
Founder and executive director of Global Cerah, Willie Ng tells Eco-Business how his start-up is helping to mitigate the food cost crisis in Malaysia by turning agricultural waste into alternative protein for animal feed, and how his passion for finding solutions keeps him going.
Yien Li Yap, Food+ by Compass
Yien Li Yap has moved on from Olio after a restructure shifted responsibility for international markets to the UK, and has joined food services firm Food+ by Compass.
Fairprice Group_supermarket
The Singapore-based grocery retailer, which runs an island-wide network of more than 100 supermarket stores has named Chan Tee Seng, former chief of its food services business, to the new role.
Robin Rheaume zero waste
Amid the Chinese New Year festivities, Eco-Business speaks to Robin Rheaume, who leads a local online community for reducing waste, and is an administrator of a new website for all the ways to declutter sustainably in Singapore.
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Supporting start-ups can accelerate innovation and bring solutions to market faster, before our planet reaches its best before date.
Heavily packaged fruit in a supermarket in Singapore.
Vast amounts of food are sent to landfill. But the jury’s out on whether packaging is friend or foe in the fight against the problem.
Digital agriculture_Pinduoduo_food waste
With the world's population expected to hit 9.7 billion by 2050, agriculture needs to become more productive and sustainable.
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Food & Agriculture

Ending hunger sustainably

Saving the planet does not have to come at the expense of feeding the poor, and vice versa. If governments can implement a series of relatively low-cost initiatives with private-sector support, the world can still wipe out global hunger by 2030 without jeopardising the fight against climate change.
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Watch: Singapore researchers are trying to give banana skins and coconut husks a new lease of life in water purification kits that can be used in disaster situations. They could one day also be used in the manufacture of batteries.
fairprice group food waste ss
EB Studio Singaporeans are well-known foodies, but around 800,000 tonnes of food is wasted every year. Why is so much food wasted, and what can consumers do about it?
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Food podcast planet-based diets
EB Studio Nobody likes being told what to eat, but changing diets could make or break climate action. The Eco-Business Podcast explores how best to convince people to choose food good for people and planet.
Vegan food
Humanity and the planet are suffering from a serious case of food poisoning. Eco-Business spoke to Brent Loken, WWF's global lead food scientist, about how changes to our diet can help fix our broken food system, and restore our health and the planet's strained ecosystems.
Filipino commuters during Covid. Image: Commuters of Metro Manila
Exclusive As the country plunges into a recession borne out of the pandemic, how can it get back on its feet? On this podcast, Eco-Business spoke to top Filipino environmentalist Loren Legarda on how conservation should not take a backseat to economic development.
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