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Ethnic conflict, mismanaged development projects and climate change are pushing a major Indian lake to the brink.
More fishing boats are coming to northern waters as sea ice retreats, bringing pollution with them.
Oil slick Oriental Mindoro
Residents have yet to recover from the economic and ecological destruction of last year's massive oil spill. Civil society is now calling for the area to be protected under more stringent laws.
The islanders of Bangka Belitung, off Sumatra, have long hunted squid for sustenance and trade, but some fear this is being imperilled by mining.
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Funders put billions into the ‘blue economy’ but are ignoring its core principles of equity and sustainability, says Essam Yassin Mohammed.
Wealthy nations’ overconsumption is destroying nature, but is often not accounted for by ‘loss and damage’.
If unchecked, deep sea mining could impact fish stocks and Pacific Island communities along with it.
fisherfolk pagudpod
Attracting much-needed investment into the blue economy can be spurred by tailor-made initiatives.
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Thumbnail for Kids Video with Dr Sylvia Earle 2
Do children ask the toughest questions? This World Oceans Day, we get renowned oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle, founder of Mission Blue, to field questions from curious kids on the mysteries of the deep.
migrant fishermen fishing southeast asia
On International Human Rights Day, Greenpeace releases shocking testimonies from Southeast Asian migrants working on board foreign fishing vessels, plying the remote waters to meet Asia's surging demand for seafood.
manila bay with boats
The Philippine government has begun the process of relocating more than 200,000 families living along waterways to restore Manila Bay, the main body of water in the capital.
thai union vid capture
Fishermen are often cut off from land for weeks out at sea. But a new technology enables them to be connected with loved ones, while boosting the traceability of their catch.
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Layman albatross
EB Studio Eco-Business talks to 'Aulani Wilhelm of Conservation International about why a plan to protect the ocean is critical, and why it might just work.
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