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In water-stressed Asia, governments and industry are only beginning to prioritise water risks. Non-technological innovations and greater political will are needed, said experts at Singapore International Water Week 2021.
green float island
Sponsored Will this eco-friendly, self-sustaining floating island envisaged by a Japanese engineering firm provide more land for Singapore’s people, or remain mere fantasy?
karnataka water treatment plant in india
In approximately five years, two-thirds of the global population will face acute water shortage due to pollution, poor water management and unstable weather patterns caused by climate change. How can the latest tech innovations help the water industry to cope?
Singapore-Johor Causeway
From India to Singapore, from Los Angeles to South Africa, cities and rural communities are increasingly becoming thirsty for water. How can the world sustainably use this vital resource, and avoid conflicts arising from its scarcity?
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west kalimantan mangroves
Humanity’s consumption of fresh water has long exceeded the rate of replenishment. Now, researchers are warning that this essential natural resource is running out. If we are to reverse this trend, investing in natural solutions is our best hope.
Africa water scarcity
How can water resources be better managed to bridge the widening inequality gap and provide clean, safe water and sanitation for all?
Sunny Bangchak solar farm in Thailand
Experience from China's own solar sector could help it deliver a sustainable transition in Belt and Road countries, writes Brian Eyler.
A wanderer and his horse
As the world faces increasing levels of water-related stress, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, drinkable water is a matter of security. Experts from the UN University Institute for Water, Environment, and Health highlight how some countries are embracing unconventional methods to bring water to their peoples.
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