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Indra Water_treatment
The water crisis is sparking more interest from private equity and start-ups are dishing out solutions that are less capital-intensive, observe industry watchers. The data, however, points to a picture that is more mixed, with stop-start investment cycles that are largely cyclical.
The plant, backed by Singapore's water agency PUB and US-based startup Equatic, aims to remove 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the ocean each day.
As the world warms up and the population rises, water shortages are a growing problem.
Archaeological sites such as those in the Mosque City of Bagerhat on the coast of the country are particularly vulnerable to climate change.
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Building tensions between Singapore and Malaysia over its water agreement are setting the two on a collision course over scarcity and sustainability.
west kalimantan mangroves
Humanity’s consumption of fresh water has long exceeded the rate of replenishment. Now, researchers are warning that this essential natural resource is running out. If we are to reverse this trend, investing in natural solutions is our best hope.
Africa water scarcity
How can water resources be better managed to bridge the widening inequality gap and provide clean, safe water and sanitation for all?
Sunny Bangchak solar farm in Thailand
Experience from China's own solar sector could help it deliver a sustainable transition in Belt and Road countries, writes Brian Eyler.
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