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A man cools off from the heatwave
In its updated NDC, Pakistan revealed it is working on a ‘Cooling Action Plan’. As need for refrigeration and air conditioning grows, how will policymakers keep the sector in line with climate pledges?
tokyo olympics heat
Japan's heat and humidity show how future Olympic Games will need to grapple with extremes as climate change bites.
Call to halt sale of synthetic refrigerants
Newly identified long-term environmental and health risks have prompted calls to immediately stop synthetic refrigerants being phased in to tackle global heating, and replace them with natural refrigerants only.
Experts discussed the challenges of balancing growth and sustainability during the launch of Digital Realty's largest data centre in Singapore.
Data centres are a growing source of carbon emissions. Access to renewable energy, conducive regulatory frameworks and cleaner technology can help to cushion the industry's hefty planetary impact.
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manila bay
As the world warms, heat stress will harm economic productivity and worsen inequality across Asia. ADB should play a more active role in stimulating green cooling innovation, writes Sindra Sharma-Khushal of climate change think tank E3G.
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As global temperatures rise and demand for air conditioning and refrigeration soars, all countries must adopt common-sense initiatives to make cooling more efficient, less emissions-intensive, and more affordable for consumers.
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