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Coal power plants in Asia
The Monetary Authority of Singapore will launch a public consultation in the coming weeks on its proposal to include additional criteria for a managed coal phase-out in the Singapore-Asia taxonomy, says the central bank’s newly-appointed chief sustainability officer Gillian Tan.
Singapore government chief sustainability officer Lim Tuang Liang speaking with journalists
The city-state takes pride in the unity of its public sector, and has set up an unprecedented government CSO role to coordinate sustainability efforts. Lim Tuang Liang, the new appointee, tells Eco-Business what's next on his agenda.
Corporate purpose-compass
EB Studio There is a misconception that prioritising profits means placing sustainability in the backseat. However, it is becoming clearer that both profitability and sustainability can coexist within any business – so long as company leaders clearly define their corporate purpose, take actionable steps to achieve their goals, and set the right tone from the top.
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A chief sustainability model
When is the right time to hire a CSO? Do they need to be a permanent appointment? The level of environment and social risk a company faces determines the sort of CSO it needs.
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