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EB Studio Integrating nature and biodiversity into business practices is key to sustainable operations for Asean’s bioeconomy. However, the lack of pricing mechanisms and firmer regulations governing natural resources must see the region come together to address such challenges.
Oliver Cescotti Biomicrogels Group
The UK-based technology company looks to go public in three years.
tiffany goh marine biologist
As human activities increase in the polar region, Goh aims to protect the large marine mammals that play a key role in maintaining the balance of our natural ecosystem.
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lab grown chicken
Singapore is the first country in the world to approve cell-based meat, but that’s just one of the five reasons why the city-state is well-positioned to provide an enabling environment for food tech innovators to thrive.
soybean field gmo crops
As food waste increases by 33 per cent in the next 10 years, current efforts should include tapping into recent technologies including the use of biotech tools, University of Illinois' Esther Ngumbi writes.
Solar panel biotech
Solar panels work best on sunny cloudless days and anything short of that decreases their efficiency. A new study finds how proteins involved in photosynthesis might be the solution to this problem.
radishes  growing in soil
Food security for a rapidly growing global population is one of the biggest challenges of our time. One of the most powerful solutions to this issue could be in the ground beneath our feet.
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Climate KIC Youth
Climate change is not all doom and gloom, it's a business opportunity. Young aspiring entrepreneurs are growing profitable businesses that are helping to make the planet a more habitable place.
Be.e electric bio-resin scooter
Following news of the country’s nationwide solar charging stations, the latest innovation in Dutch mobility is the most sustainable scooter yet - an electric scooter made from flax and natural fibre-reinforced composites.
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girl in japan with robot
EB Studio [The EB Podcast] Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution truly deliver a more efficient, and sustainable future for everyone? Find out in the inaugural episode of The Eco-Business Podcast.
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