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Aerial view of HK central business district
The international association notes that transition finance is often criticised for opening the door to greenwash, but recommends a nuanced approach where firms that need help in shifting away from carbon-intensive activities comply with disclosure requirements instead.
Joko Widodo and Masatsugu Asakawa
At the G20 summit, the Energy Transition Mechanism Country Platform was launched and developed countries led by the United States and Japan also announced a US$20 billion package to Indonesia to help fund the coal-dependent country’s shift to renewable energy.
sri lanka fishers
As the Asian Development Bank embarks on a review of its policies on labourers and communities affected by its projects, advocates score its existing one for lack of public consultation and binding mechanisms.
Oil production in Russia
Some 34 countries signed a statement at last year’s climate talks to end new financing for fossil fuels by the end of 2022. But so far, only a handful of them have updated policies that turn these pledges into action, new research found.
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Field in Laos
Climate change poses serious challenges to the world’s food system. Implementing sustainable practices can help bolster climate resilience in agricultural production.
South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation (SLTEC) coal facility in Calaca, Batangas
How will Asia's energy transition mechanism — potentially the world’s largest CO2 reduction programme — phase-out coal in the energy-hungry region?
siargao devastation typhoon rai
As the dust settles following Glasgow’s climate summit, the Philippines needs to take some immediate steps this year so it can achieve ambitious decarbonisation goals.
Alsons Power Group's second 105-MW coal plant in central Mindanao
As governments’ efforts to tackle climate change accelerate, asset owners with significant long-term capital tied up in coal-fired generation will need to reconsider the role of their facilities to avoid their assets becoming stranded.
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US military aid in Haiyan relief efforts
Yeb Saño, head of the Climate Change Commission of the Philippines, attributes typhoon to climate change and calls for international community to implement a 'loss and damage' mechanism
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