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Nurturing partnerships: A process of cross-fertilisation to strengthen Asian food security
The Aid & International Development Forum report has been produced based on contributions from world-leading experts including FAO, ADB, UNESCAP, WFP, GAIN, IRRI and others.
Food Price Escalation in South Asia – A Serious and Growing Concern
A spike in the cost of food staples like rice and wheat could push tens of millions more people into extreme poverty in South Asia but food subsidies targeted at …
Learning curves: Energy efficiency interventions
Industry and buildings account for over 70 per cent of total commercial energy consumption and 85 per cent of electricity consumption in Asia. Yet ADB support to manage energy consumption …
Global Food Price Inflation and Developing Asia
The specter of high commodity prices has recently reemerged, with global food prices registering a new peak in February 2011, triggered mainly by production shortfalls due to bad weather. The …
Every drop counts: Learning from good practices in eight Asian cities
In keeping with the mission to address challenges in the provision of safe and reliable water and sanitation services, the Institute of Water Policy and the Asian Development Bank launched …
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