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Electric Vehicles in Indonesia: The Road Towards Sustainable Transportation
In the past few years, Indonesia has heavily relied on fossil fuel as the main energy source in all economic sectors, ranging from transportation, power plant, to household.
Freezing in the tropics - Asean's air-con conundrum
Southeast Asia is facing a growing cooling crisis, but its people remain unaware of the threat that inefficient cooling technologies can pose to national development and the environment, finds a …
Renewables 2016 Global Status Report
Read the most comprehensive annual overview of the state of renewable energy and find out why renewables are now firmly established as competitive, mainstream sources of energy in many countries …
Iran Renewable Energy report
Iran’s potential for renewable energy is vast, possessing some of the best combined wind and solar resources in the region and the technical and engineering capabilities to realise it. The …
How can Indonesia achieve water, energy and food security?
This briefing note outlines the challenges and opportunities for Indonesia to achieve water, energy and food security targets in ways that align with its long term development strategy. A water-energy-food …
The Smart Villages Initiative: interim review of findings
The Smart Villages Initiative brings together key players—entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers, villagers, NGOs, financiers, civil society and development organisations, policymakers, and regulators—from the frontline of delivering off-grid energy for development …
From sustainale biomass to competitive bioenergy
The aim of this White Paper is to share some of Denmark's solutions and experiences in transforming sustainable biomass resources into competitive bioenergy solutions.
District Energy: Energy efficiency for urban areas
This white paper draws on competences built up through more than 100 years of experience with district energy in Denmark. It highlights some of the main learnings to consider when …
Green energy choices: The benefits, risks and trade-offs of low-carbon technologies for electricity
If it's green, it's mostly clean, according to a new, comprehensive review of renewable energy sources released today by the International Resource Panel, hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme …
The impact of electricity price increases on the mining sector in South Africa
The impact of electricity price increases on the competitiveness of selected mining sector and smelting value chains in South Africa project report investigates the relationship between South Africa's mining value …
Stranded Assets: Fossil fuels: Carbon Stores in Environment Agency Pension Fund
The EAPF commissioned Trucost to assess and analyse sixteen of their active and passive equity investment portfolios, with regard to their exposure to the embedded carbon emissions within fossil fuel …
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