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The road to decarbonisation: What’s the best way for business?

The road to decarbonisation: What’s the best way for business?

It’s not an easy time for businesses to be thinking about decarbonisation.

The Covid-19 pandemic is projected to cut more than 5 per cent off the global economy in 2020, and many companies have prioritised survival above sustainability.

But decarbonisation is also very much about business survival, as the threat of intensifying climate change looms.

In July, Eco-Business hosted a webinar with ENGIE Impact that highlighted the pressure companies are under from regulators, investors, consumers, and their employees to reduce their carbon footprint.

The webinar, which featured ENGIE Impact’s Asia Pacific Managing Director Malavika Bambawale and Director, Sustainability Solutions, Asia Pacific, Myriam Akhoun, explored the challenges facing companies as they decarbonise, and the best low-carbon solutions available to them.

Commonly adopted solutions that range from carbon offsets and improving efficiencies may sound simple, but significant carbon cuts require sound technical advice, planning and support.

Though companies are increasingly setting goals to reduce their carbon emissions, only 28 per cent of companies with targets are on pace to meet these goals. This report captures some insights companies may find useful as they tackle the complex riddle that is decarbonisation.

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