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Virus is posing an ever-greater threat in Bangladesh and Nepal where rise and spread of cases are linked to climate change impacts.
Nepal is sacrificing its ecology and neglecting domestic priorities to build economic ties with India, says Ramesh Bhushal.
Rice farmers in rural India
India's grain export moratorium will hurt the Global South as prices rocket. But as India exports rice, it also exports its increasingly scarce water supply. Massive methane emissions, land-use change and human health concerns also mar production of India's most lucrative crop.
Run for profit and without adequate resources, multiple wildlife rehabilitation centres run by community forest users’ groups in eastern Nepal are keeping animals in difficult conditions.
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Peace with Nature Singapore
Founder and managing director Jessica Cheam investigates the relationship between business and our natural world, and shares about the genesis of Eco-Business in this book chapter contribution to 'Peace and Nature', a book compilation of 50 essays and edited by Professor Tommy Koh, Lye Lin Heng and Shawn Lum launched in Singapore recently.
As countries prepare to meet this month to work on the first global agreement to end plastic pollution, the perspectives of South Asia must be heard loud and clear.
himalayan meltwater
As temperatures rise, the Himalayas are experiencing accelerated glacial melt. Unfortunately, the current reshuffling of the world order could overlook one of the most critical threats to global stability.
India has told Pakistan that it wants to modify the treaty that regulates use of the shared river – an escalation of a years-long dispute.
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nepal wetlands
Undervalued and ignored, wetlands are disappearing and drying up in Nepal—leaving the communities and wildlife that depend on them exposed in a changing climate.
cultivation in Kathmandu Valley
An innovative cargo bicycle designed for farmers and villagers may help boost incomes in isolated farming communities in Nepal.
Lake Phewa
Working on the lake gives women independence in a country where women are often destined to a life of servitude and denied the access to education, health and jobs.
tibetan monk
Demand for Tibetan prayer beads from China have brought Nepal’s Timal village into the limelight, but the sustainability of this opaque market is leading to concerns.
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