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Voices of COP28
Meet the people pushing to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of the world to global warming at the COP28 climate talks in Dubai.
A man carries his dog to be immunised against rabies in Indonesia
Rabies is not considered to be a disease of economic importance, because it does not hurt international trade and mainly affects marginalised communities. A new study explores how the ancient zoonotic disease has spread across Southeast Asia post-pandemic, and how it can be eliminated.
With internet access cut off since early May – and since partially reinstated – women in Manipur struggle to make a living, check misinformation and report abuse.
50 years after the launch of Project Tiger, India is home to 75 per cent of the world’s wild tigers, but researchers advocate a new approach that better considers other species, and the rights of forest communities.
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COP27 protests_02
As COP 28 approaches, Southeast Asia policymakers see the need for climate adaptation as well as mitigation. But there is an urgent need to encourage multiple sources of finance in this arena.
Transboundary haze has reared its ugly head again, no thanks to peatland burning and the compounding effects of the El Nino phenomenon and climate change. It is high time to break the vicious cycle of haze and climate change.
Peace with Nature Singapore
Founder and managing director Jessica Cheam investigates the relationship between business and our natural world, and shares about the genesis of Eco-Business in this book chapter contribution to 'Peace and Nature', a book compilation of 50 essays and edited by Professor Tommy Koh, Lye Lin Heng and Shawn Lum launched in Singapore recently.
G7 climate club
The G7’s proposal for a new climate club may fall short if its creators fail to separate geopolitical concerns from pressing environmental ones.
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renewables race video
Southeast Asian nations are racing to bring clean, affordable power to their people, but one country is outrunning them all. How can states make their renewable energy transition a success?
A freezer running on electricity generated by an off-grid solar system
EB Studio In line with the Sustainable Development Goals' aim to eradicate poverty, a Japanese multinational electronics firm is providing power supply stations, solar storage and products to countries with little or no access to electricity.
farmer in dry zone myanmar
In parched lands, families grow food in gardens using drip irrigation, hydroponics and soil moisture sensors to cut down on over-irrigation and save water.
christchurch nz 100rc
The Rockefeller Foundation is looking for more cities willing to build economic, social and physical resilience amid a rapidly urbanising world. Submission of applications for the 100 Resilient Cities Challenge ends on September 10.
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