Sustainable Business Leadership in 2030 –four scenarios

Sustainable Business Leadership in 2030 –four scenarios

Making sustainability a core business strategy is now commonly regarded as best practice. From increased long term returns for shareholders, lower risk, and greater connection with incoming generations of consumers, it is clear that adopting a sustainable business strategy generates value.

But who will lead the agenda on sustainable business? Who are the players that might drive it? What systems and pressures will influence their actions? With The Sustainability Board Report’s (TSBR) latest report exploring scenarios of sustainable business leadership in 2030, the outfit wants to showcase different opportunities and risks that lie ahead for leaders. The report aims to provide a projection of the upcoming decade’s ESG and sustainability narrative in an organisational context and prepare for future leadership challenges.

Scenario planning is a fitting methodology for this exploration that showcases multiple futures in a thought-provoking way. The scenarios are designed to be not only plausible, but also relevant, and challenging to those who use them. Scenarios don’t describe what will happen, or what should happen. Rather, they explore what could be. In doing so, they give rise to new conversations and options in the present.

The scenarios discussed in the report have been designed to stretch the thinking of leaders, enabling them to contemplate events they may consider less plausible. The ambition is to help leaders with their strategic planning processes and engender reflection and review on their approach to sustainability leadership in the here and now.

In addition to TSBR’s own research, experts—business leaders, board directors and their advisors, as well as leaders from academia and civil society—were interviewed and asked for their perspectives of factors influencing sustainable business leadership in the future (2030). These factors were used to build a set of four equally plausible scenarios:

  • ESG Intrapreneurs
  • Idealist CEOs
  • Leading Boards
  • Governments and Stakeholders

Head to to view the report and watch the video with statements from the leadership community.

About TSBR:

The Sustainability Board Report Ltd is a privately funded not-for-profit project developed by a group of individuals passionate about sustainability leadership. We believe that business can drive meaningful change.

We aim to showcase different dimensions of good corporate governance and the importance of sustainable corporate leadership. By drawing out best practice and changes over time, the report also aims to help organisations learn from their peers and competitors and understand the changing landscape.

Our findings and research are based on proprietary methodologies. Before drawing conclusions, we take academic papers and thought leadership into account. We aim to combine theoretic concepts with actionable recommendations on business level.

For more information please contact:

Helena Gudjonsdottir, Project Manager,

Frederik Otto, Founder & Business Advisor,

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