Recycling systems operational in South Korea, Australia and New Zealand

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. has established the recycling systems in South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, and all three sites achieved the goal of Zero Landfill, No Pollution and No Illegal Disposal* in June.

The recycling sites disassemble used products and consumables including copiers, printers and cartridges collected from customers, and separate them by resource including iron, non-iron, plastic and glass for recycling. The systems in three countries commenced the trial operations in fiscal 2011 and the official operations in January 2012.

Due to the adoption of the Basel Ban Amendment and the trend of separate individual regulations by each country on the export of hazardous waste, there are concerns for the waste crossing borders from Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries to developing nations. Fuji Xerox’s sales companies in South Korea, Australia and New Zealand had been transporting used products to the integrated recycling site in Thailand, however, in light of the social conditions on waste exportation, Fuji Xerox decided to complete recycling in these countries and established the recycling system in each country.

Fuji Xerox was the first company in the industry to introduce products containing recycled parts to the Japanese market in 1995, launching a full-fledged Integrated Recycling System. In August 2000, the company became the first in Japan to achieve Zero Landfill, No Pollution and No Illegal Disposal from collected used products and consumables. The company then established the Integrated Resource Recycling System in Thailand for used products collected from nine Asia-Pacific countries and regions. Likewise, in January 2008, Fuji Xerox established the Integrated Resource Recycling System in Jiangsu Province, China for used products collected from 31 provinces and cities in mainland China. Both facilities in Thailand and China achieved the Zero Landfill goal in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Under the responsibility of the sales companies in three countries, the new recycling systems; (1) collect used products and cartridges from each respective country, (2) handle from disassembling and separation to recycling at their own company or recycling partners, and (3) manage the entire process, while achieving Zero Landfill, No Pollution and No Illegal Disposal similarly to the systems operating in Japan, Thailand and China.

Fuji Xerox is committed to further reinforcing the Integrated Recycling System, which is an advanced model for achieving business growth and environmental conservation at the same time, and will contribute to reducing environment burden.

*    Fuji Xerox defines Zero Landfill as the recycling rate of more than 99.5%, No Pollution as verifying that there is no impact on the environment or work safety from the recycling process at Fuji Xerox companies or recycling partners, and No Illegal Disposal as tracing and confirming the process from the disposal of used products to the completion of the recycling process.

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