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Crytocurrency Mining
Cryptocurrency mining consumes more power than the entire country of Kazakhstan. What is being done to curb crypto's monster climate impact?
Karthik Ganesh cropped
The clean-tech engineer will build an end-to-end process to repurpose and sell used battery packs, and create second-life energy storage systems for non-automotive applications.
Robin Rheaume zero waste
Amid the Chinese New Year festivities, Eco-Business speaks to Robin Rheaume, who leads a local online community for reducing waste, and is an administrator of a new website for all the ways to declutter sustainably in Singapore.
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Space junk
23,000 pieces of ‘space junk’ float in orbit, and almost as many ideas for how to get rid of them are being floated on Earth.
formal dismantlers
By 2050, two-thirds of the world's citizens will live in cities, putting pressure on infrastructure such as waste management systems. How can IoT help develop smarter ways of reducing waste?
mining africa
One tonne of e-waste contains more gold than 17 tonnes of ore, making it a rich alternative to traditional mining. Recycling precious metals and minerals from used electronics can help make today's consumption patterns more environmentally sustainable.
obsolete gadgets
Technology can harm our ailing planet if the process by which we produce modern-day gadgets is planned improperly. See why the world needs circular solutions to develop sustainably and why energy has a crucial role to play.
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eco action day
At this year's Eco Action Day Industry Roundtable 2018, participants discussed how to build more creative and resourceful industries and infrastructure for a more sustainable Singapore.
Trash on the sidewalk in Singapore
Where do your coffee cups, clothes and household appliances go to die? New documentary Trash Trail traces the afterlife of consumer goods in Singapore to reveal surprising findings.
Apple store
In Apple's new campaign, the company known for its disruptive products is upping the game by adopting corporate policies that aim to "leave the world better than we found it".
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