OOSH’s Project Carbon Lock launches Singapore’s first free end-to-end upcycling solution for food service businesses

OOSH’s Project Carbon Lock launches Singapore’s first free end-to-end upcycling solution for food service businesses

OOSH is redefining the global upcycling movement via Project Carbon Lock, an end-to-end initiative that is the first in Singapore to successfully collect, clean, and convert food packaging waste.

“Project Carbon Lock is an effective and holistic solution that not only enables food service businesses to minimise their carbon footprints upon conversion to OOSH products, but have their waste packaging accounted for at its end of life,” said Aloysius Cheong, Founder of OOSH eco tableware.

Project Carbon Lock is a three-phase initiative that aims to upcycle used OOSH products at no cost to businesses rather than processing them via conventional waste management means.

The first phase, a pilot tenure of 6 months, will be launched on February 13th with Foreword Coffee and aims to substitute 100,000 paper cups with OOSH’s proprietary material. In doing so, Project Carbon Lock Phase One aims to divert 1.3 tons of waste from Singapore’s landfill and incinerators, and remove 11 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

OOSH_Cups(Clockwise) From preparation, serving, collection of used cups to upcycling in Phase 1, about 10 biobased eco friendly OOSH cups to be upcycled into one drink coaster.
Phase Two and Three will be permanent solutions offered and extended to the national and global levels respectively across all of OOSH’s products. To put into perspective, a 10 per cent switch from traditional plastic packaging per annum in Singapore to OOSH eco tableware will result in a diversion of 946 tons of plastic packaging waste from the landfill and incinerators, cutting back and locking up about 1,495 tons of carbon dioxide in all.

“It is commendable that OOSH is taking the responsibility to claim back the waste that it will ultimately put in the market,” said Koe Pak-Juan, Executive Director of Plastics Recycling Association Singapore. “The ultimate test will be how the other players in the value chain act to ensure a 100 per cent or a high percentage of return to OOSH.”

Existing eco-friendly food and beverage packaging options, such as container sharing services or compostable tableware, do not adequately meet the needs of competitive businesses or preferences of busy customers. Customers have found picking up and dropping off reusable containers at specific locations too inconvenient, and these products are often left to businesses to collect and clean by themselves; compostable tableware, on the other hand, can take nearly 180 days to decompose in a commercial composting facility and even longer in a home composting bin.

Key features of Project Carbon Lock include:

  • An unprecedented, proven solution in Singapore. Project Carbon Lock is the first initiative of its kind in Singapore. Barring traditional recycling exercises organised by private companies and community organisations, no similar initiative has been launched in the last decade.
  • A plug-and-play waste management solution. Unlike existing solutions that offload some degree of responsibility to businesses or customers, OOSH’s approach covers the waste management journey from end to end.
  • High transparency of impact. Used OOSH products are upcycled into new and valuable products, allowing participating businesses to accurately measure the amount of waste eliminated and carbon emissions reduced.
  • Time and cost-efficient waste management approach. Existing solutions impose an added fee, or require significant amounts of time for waste to be managed properly. Project Carbon Lock’s upcycling approach collects on site, cleans, and converts used packaging at zero cost to businesses, with the processing of collected waste for upcycling completed within three days.
OOSH_Founders(From left) Nadi Chan (Co-Founder & Director of Foreword Coffee Roasters) and Aloysius Cheong (Founder of OOSH eco tableware)

“We want to support new materials and concepts, and OOSH offered a very compelling use case to us. While some eco-friendly F&B container programs are already running in Singapore, none of them have converted waste as successfully as OOSH,” said Nadi Chan, Co-Founder and Director of Foreword Coffee.

Project Carbon Lock Phase One is available at the following Foreword Coffee Roasters outlets:

  1. Foreword Coffee Roasters @ Mediacorp Campus
  2. Foreword Coffee Roasters @ NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
  3. Foreword Coffee Roasters @ 64 Club Street
  4. First Story Café (Flagship Outlet)

About OOSH

OOSH is a Singapore-headquartered bioplastics innovator that offers a range of proprietary bio-based tableware proven to help businesses in the food service sector meet their zero waste goals at a much lower cost. OOSH’s commitment to upcycling used food packaging into new, valuable products reduces its customers’ environmental footprint in a uniquely transparent and tangible way.

Founded in 2018, OOSH is led by Aloysius Cheong, a bioplastics veteran with 15 years of industry experience, and is backed by investors such as Tembusu Partners.

For more, visit https://www.oosh.sg/ or follow on Facebook (@ooshecotablewaresingapore) and Instagram (@ooshecotablewaresg). For enquiries, please contact hi@oosh.sg

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