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Ranger in Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project in Cambodia
Cambodia's leaders are anxious to prove to the world that the forest conservation mechanism can address climate change while providing opportunities for people to thrive in a “new Cambodia”. But there are concerns about greenwash, and observers point to how such projects can end up being a guise for illicit land grabbing by ruling elites.
Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project 2023
As the voluntary carbon market seeks to restore trust, Charles Bedford of Carbon Growth Partners, an investment manager who still believes in rainforest credits, shares his due diligence checklist.
The steel industry has made a ‘pivotal’ shift towards lower-carbon forms of production, a new report says, but remains short of a 1.5°C-compatible pathway.
Companies like brick makers and garment manufacturers benefit from green and sustainable loans to cut emissions, climate impacts.
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EB Studio As Asian countries move to cut their emissions, businesses must both decarbonise and look beyond their value chains for credible and impactful climate action.
Now that the developed world has finally accepted a degree of financial responsibility for the loss and damage caused by climate change, the broader climate debate will henceforth turn on the question of liability.
COP27 put food on the menu, but family farmers need more support as they suffer most from climate change's impacts.
Toyota Prius
As governments embrace strict targets for electric vehicles, the world's largest carmaker is struggling to keep up. But it's not too late for Toyota to reverse course.
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