Ocean economy status and trends at SOS 2016

Global ocean economy status and trends to be presented at WOC sustainable ocean summit (SOS).

SOS 2016 (Rotterdam, 30 Nov-2 Dec) to highlight current and projected ocean economic development.

The World Ocean Council (WOC) Sustainable Ocean Summit is again the only international ocean business event to provide a synthesis of status and trends in ocean economic activity.

The “Ocean 2030” session at SOS 2016, chaired by Tom Boardley, Lloyd’s Register’s Executive Vice President for Corporate and External Affairs, will feature authoritative presentations on shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, renewable energy, cruise tourism, marine mining, submarine cables and ports.

Qualified experts from industry, government, international organizations, or academia are encouraged to contact the WOC with their interest and qualifications to provide a overview of the status and trends for any one of the listed ocean business sectors.

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires an understanding of current ocean economic activity and projections for the coming 15 years. What opportunities and risks will future ocean use create for each sector, for the collective ocean business community, for the ocean economy overall, and for the ocean itself? How do these relate to the SDGs?

The Ocean 2030 session will tackle these fundamental questions in a unique, comprehensive platform, in line with the SOS 2016 theme of “Ocean 2030: Sustainable Development Goals and the Ocean Business Community”.

Experts interested in presenting a global overview on the status, trends, geographies, assumptions, opportunities, and risks for one of the listed sectors are encouraged to contact paul.holthus@oceancouncil.org.

The results of “Ocean 2030” session will feed into WOC and ocean business community efforts to address ocean sustainable development and the SDGs, especially for SDG 14 on the Ocean.

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