KOLLVIK Recycling, S.L. establishes a new regional HQ for Asia Pacific in Hong Kong.

Spanish company KOLLVIK Recycling, S.L., specialized in designing and manufacturing composting equipment since 1982 recently established its new Regional Headquarter for the Asia-Pacific region in Hong Kong.

The new office will operate under the name of KCS Engineering and will provide consulting, composters and composting plant operation services in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan as well as other countries in the region including Australia and New Zealand.

Currently most countries in the region lack any comprehensive plan to tackle the growing waste problem, with Hong Kong for instance being in a particularly dire situation due to the lack of landfill space and its high population density. According to official figures, nearly 3,000 tons of organic waste and thrown to Hong Kong’s landfills daily, having a big impact on the city’s water, air and soil quality, not to mention the stress put on the city’s already clogged roads of nearly 300 garbage trucks require for transporting the waste.

There is however a growing awareness on environmental issues and a search for alternatives to landfills, incinerators and other non-sustainable ways of treating organic waste, including food waste and waste water plant sludge.

The region, home to almost 4 billion people, is in need of sustainable, efficient and effective solutions to treat not only organic waste, but also other recyclables like glass, plastic and paper. KCS Engineering will benefit from Kollvik Recycling, S.L.’s 30 years’ experience as the leader in on-site composting plants, as well as its extensive list of composting and waste source separation projects run all over Europe. Trials for adapting the machinery and composting routines have been successful and the company is now designing new educational projects in partnership with local NGO’s to educate the population in sustainable waste collection routines.

According to KCS Engineering’s managers there is a lack of composting culture in the region, with many manufacturers marketing dehydrators, anaerobic digesters and other type of machines as “composters”, while the product obtained from this equipment cannot be labeled as compost according to any compost quality standards set by the HKORC (Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre) nor any other authority in the world. On our side, KCS Engineering already obtained HKORC documentary proof of compliance with the Centre’s standards for compost for all the BIOCOMP range of composters.

KCS Engineering will undertake the task to educate the public and any parties involved in the handling of waste on the importance of proper composting technology in order to set sustainable food waste recycling and organic waste treatment operations in Asia.

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