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Solar power in the state of Maharashtra in India
India is positioning itself as the next big market for data centres. Despite the insatiable appetite for data, hurdles remain for firms eyeing the market including the challenge of making data centres greener in a coal-dependent country.
Spartlys group of islands
Satellite images show significant growth in the occurrence of algal blooms in contested areas in the South China Sea.
indus river in pakistan 1
In water-stressed Asia, governments and industry are only beginning to prioritise water risks. Non-technological innovations and greater political will are needed, said experts at Singapore International Water Week 2021.
water security in India
A recent international virtual conference on water suggested possible methods to ensure water security at a time of Covid-19 and climate change.
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Coltan mine, Congo
When forced labour practices are part of supply chains, it is reasonable to ascertain that environmental degradation may be present too.
handwashing covid-19
Hand washing is one of the best frontline defenses against the virus that causes Covid-19. Yet three billion people – almost half of the world’s population – lack access to basic hand-washing facilities.
cambodian wetlands, kampong chhnang
State capture has turned the Cambodian government into an agent of private industrial interests, rather than a defender of citizens' interests. The country urgently needs a proper civil registration system and a modern land registry.
wastewater treatment plant in Cicero
Covid-19 crisis might increase demand for cleaner, safer water and more reliable and effective wastewater treatment everywhere. But success is far from guaranteed, as the pandemic is also triggering declining trust in public institutions.
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child receives a drink of water in Sudan
Worldwide, 100 million families are stuck in a cycle of poverty and disease because of the lack of access to clean water. What would it take to slake humanity's thirst for water in a sustainable way?
close-up on microfibre
Microfibre pollution is a growing problem around the world. What's a concerned citizen to do?
Textile factory wastewater in China
Greenpeace International urges global clothing brands to apply sustainable manufacturing practices, and stop the use of hazardous chemicals that cause water pollution by 2020
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